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    Fireworks CS4 on Windows XP - Performance Problems

      My system:


      Win XP Home Ed. (Service Pack 3)

      Intel Quad Core Q6600 2.40GHz

      4GB of installed RAM

      NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT


      No, I do not have any 3rd party plug-ins or extensions and yes, I did follow the steps in the trouble shooting guide (all except reinstalling Windows). Other Adobe software which runs without a problem on my machine; Photoshop CS2 and Acrobat Pro. I do not experience any other "performance" problems with any other software.


      My Issues


      • All around poor performance. The software responds as if I was running it on a Pentium III machine.
      • It takes 8 to 10 seconds to display the Properties section after selecting a new element.
      • At least a 5 second delay when selecting a new tool. Sometimes selections are not recognized.
      • When switching from tool to tool a long pause occurs before the new tool is selected. If done "too quickly" the software will stop responding.
      • Weird flickers and shifts of tool sets.
      • Doing anything in Fireworks, such as moving the mouse, requires at least 25% of CPU usage.
      • Occasionally Fireworks crashes without hanging or throwing an error. Can't reproduce this behavior consistently.
      • Bottom line, the most unproductive productivity software I have ever purchased. Yes, unfortunately I did not test drive before I bought, a mistake I will never make again.


        Bottom line, I'm pissed at Adobe for first releasing a unfinished product and second for not addressing the problem in a timely manner. FIX THE PROBLEM. Cheers!

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            Nadia-P Level 5

            I'm afraid I have to agree on the performance issue.  I've reverted back to CS3 because of it    :-(

            I can have the previous version open for days, while working on big files and no problems.  CS4 on the other hand hangs after a few hours.


            I believe Adobe may be working on a fix.  At least I hope they are.  I liked the updates to CS4 but right now, it's totally unuseable for me.

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              SiamJai Level 2

              I'm not even sure that these performance-issues are directly related to specs. I run FW CS4 on both a desktop and on a laptop, and contrary to expectations, it performs much better on the laptop.


              There could be other apps, certain fonts or system configuration that decrease FW performance. But I agree that there is much space for improvement there.

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                Nadia-P Level 5

                I run both versions of FWs on my laptop so the specs are the same for both versions.  My problems as as described above, so it has to be CS4 itself  :-)


                The only thing I've left to do is update my graphics card driver as I also have an issue with opening any files in Photoshop - totally unuseable.


                However, we'll have to see whether this is the problem as the laptop is fairly new, but you never know  :-)