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    Best way to capture from VHS source

    lanstrad Level 1

      I wish to transfer old VHS shots I had taken (no copy protection there) so I can import (or capture?) into Premiere for editing.


      What would be be the best (lossless) way to do it ?


      I am thinking of:


      - transferring to a camera first (I read that my Canon HV30 could do it), then I would capture into Premiere.


      - The manual of the HV30 also suggest to act as "analog/digital" converter (from what I read, outputting simultaneously to a digital (in my case, DVD-R) - which in my experience would be problematic to retransfer to Premiere (once a DVD is encoded...)


      - Third, I could possibly go from VHS to DVD-R - but still, same issue to have Premiere capture the DVD (never tried it...)


      Is there another (better/easier) way ?  Wihout having to buy expensive hardware or software ?