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    Interactive Environment - Animation + gotoAndPlay




      I'm having some difficulties with an interactive flash movie I'm trying to create. I have a 'shop front' graphic that I created for my website. This is one in a number that I have completed, and the others I have succesfully animated in Flash. The basic idea of the shops are to give the user the ability to rollover an item, have a large version of the price tag appear (and disappear on roll out) and turn the item itself into a link (an invisible button on top of it) to a thread on the forums that gives further details about the item. I have done this with a previous shop and attached the .swf so that you may better understand what I mean. (Note that it still has some issues with the price tag rollover, which I intend to fix.)


      I have this new shop that I would like to incorporate new animation into. I've also attached the .swf (note if you need the .fla to further see what my project looks like I can get that to you - it just won't allow me to upload it) and it might be easier to follow my explanation if you view this. The graphic consits of two sets of scales and a cauldron. First off, I would like the cauldron's ladle to move continuously, from the point of the movie's loading. However, I also have animated the golden scales on the bottom shelf to dip down depending on which dish the user rolls over. I did this in a separate movie (which I also attached) and imported it into my shop front movie. I wanted the same rollover animation action to happen in this bigger movie, however I encountered difficulties. I am very much a learning Flash user and I can't comprehend the issue... but I did include the individual frames of the golden scale movie in the shop front movie so that it could still work.


      However, my problem is that now, when I rollover the scales, the cauldron ladle will move or change position while I am rolled over the scales. This is because I am using the gotoAndPlay command to navigate throughout the different parts of the movie, so that I could animate the two sets of scales.


      I hope this all makes sense. Could someone please tell me an easier way to have the scales animated (and still be able to rollover and have a another image appear (the price tag) while it is animating) and also the cauldron ladle stirring the entire time?


      Thank you so much, it is very much appreciated!