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    Can't Install AIR on ubuntu 8.10 32-bit

      This is becoming VERY annoying for me. I've been trying to install AIR on my linux box for over a week. What happens is when I run the installer from the terminal, it seems like it's trying to load, a window shows up for a fraction of a second and then the prompt comes back with nothing happening.  When I try installing it with a "-silent" tag, it states that "Adobe AIR is not installed" Followed by "Installing AIR <version number>". Then the prompt comes back with nothing happening.


      I've tried everything from changing permissions in the file manager, to removing the .bin extention. I tried installing an older version of AIR and the installer worked fine before telling me that the version I was trying to install was outdated.


      Anyone have any troubleshooting advice? This is REALLY annoying and I would appreciate any assistance.