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    Ebook Frustration

      I downloaded an Ebook for the ebookmall ( Adobe Reader format ). I got my DRM activated and I am able to view the book on my computer ( Adobe Reader 7.0 ).

      However, when I try to transfer the book to my Treo ( File--> Digital Editions--> My Digital Editions-->Actions ) the option "Send to mobile device" is grayed out. I have the device connected and the Adobe Reader activated when I do this.

      What am I doing wrong?
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          First you have to be using Adobe Reader for Palm to upload the file. But I am als getting an error on a new ebook I jsut bought. It reads like this "The document has not been encrypted using standard security handler and therefore cannot be opened" If you find a solution to this problem please let me know.
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            This error means that you have a Digiral Rights Management violation. The usual cause is failing to use the full desk top version of Acrobat Reader to export to the Palm device, but I suppose it could also indicate an unlicensed document.

            You cannot use the Palm specific desk top component to export rights managed documents.
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              I get the same message "The document has not been encrypted using standard security handler and therefore cannot be opened" when I download a book using the Adobe Reader for Palm format.
              So what do you do to fix a Digital rights Management violation.
              I find that if I download a book using 'multiformat' I have no problem loading the book to my palm and reading it.

              But a lot of good books are not in multiformat.

              How do we fix the encrypting error.
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                I just spoke with my book store from school and they told me that the books that give you the error standard security handler error are not transferable to a PDA. Once you download them to your computer that is it. It will only work on that computer.
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                  not entirely true - I had the same problem when trying to transfer through Adobe Reader for Palm OS but then tried to through Adobe 7.0 Digital Management section and it works fine (well, kind of, although I can see the pdf on my device I cant actually view it!)
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                    I too got my books to download to my handheld T|X by opening them in the adobe reader 7.0, digital management then did the hotsync. My problem is that 1/3rd of the screen is taken up with the annotation feature that I can't get to turn off. Very frustrating.
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                      I eventually got this working by a large number of steps - through Acrobat you can go to the web-based edition of Digital Editions Viewer. From there, you can "print" using the adobe pdf print driver to a new pdf. Then, you can upload that (non-protected) using the normal Adobe Reader for Palm OS. Word of warning - dont let your pdf's go bigger than 6mb or you will get constant memory errors. And they look crap on the T/X and are almost impossible to read - it screen prints them so for each page you have to click and hold to enlarge the captured text. argh - i'm never ever going to buy a DRM protected pdf again.
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                        This certainly is incredibly frustrating. I was finally able to convert these new digital ebooks and open it on my Palm LifeDrive. Here's what I did:
                        -If you have Adobe 8.0 you will need to downgrade to 6.0 or 7.0. You will need to uninstall Adobe 8.0.
                        To uninstall 8.0:
                        1. In Windows Explorer, go to Tools>Folder Options.
                        2. Select the "File Types" Tab
                        3. Scroll down to "ETD" under Extensions
                        4. Make sure that the extension is set to open with Adobe Digital Editions. If it is not, click the "Change" button and select Adobe Digital editions
                        5. Click "OK" as needed to save the changes and exit the open windows.
                        6. Go to Start then Control Panel
                        7. Click on "Add or Remove Programs"
                        8. Click on Adobe Reader 8.0 Then click on "Remove".

                        Now you need to download Adobe Reader 7.0:
                        1. Go to http:www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2_allversions.html
                        2. Follow the directions to download Adobe Reader 7.0
                        3. After the installation has been completed and while connected to the Internet, double click the Adobe Reader icon to open Adobe Reader
                        4. From the Adobe Reader menu bar, select File>Digital Editions>Authorize Devices. (Your browser will open the "Adobe DRM Activator Site" web site.
                        5. Follow the instructions at this site to activate your copy of Adobe Reader. (Currently, up to 6 machines (Windows, Macintosh, and/or supported PDA's) may be activated to the same Passport account.)--Make sure you activate your computer and your PDA.
                        6. In Windows Explorer, go to Tools>Folder Options.
                        7. Select the "File Types" Tab
                        8. Scroll down to "ETD" under Extensions
                        9. Click the "Change" button and select Adobe Reader 7.0
                        10. Click "OK" (or "Close" if "OK" is not available) as needed to save the changes and exit the open windows.

                        Once this is complete, please download the title again from whichever website you downloaded the original ebooks. You won't be able to convert it to the Palm OS version unless you redownload it.

                        To convert it to your PDA (Palm OS):
                        1. Double click the Adobe Reader icon to open Adobe Reader
                        2. From the Adobe Reader menu bar, select File>Digital Editions>My Digital Editions.(You might get a message asking if you want to upgrade to 8.0, NO you DO NOT want to upgrade.)
                        3. Click on the boook you want to transfer to your PDA and click on "Send to Mobile Device".
                        4. Click on "Prepare". And follow the rest of the directions.
                        5. Sync your PDA.

                        All of this takes a while, but believe me,it works. I am happy to say that I am now able to view my ebooks on my Palm. If you like to read books from your PDA, you could also but it from www.ereader.com. Then you don't have to go through all this stuff. It's a lot simpler.
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                          I'm happy to say this works, Cherrie, and has saved me countless hours of frustration trying to think of a workaround. Thank you so much for the walkthrough! I really dislike the Digital Editions program and being forced to use it instead of downloading to my Palm Centro was highly annoying, as I like to take my books on the road with me.
                          Thanks again, you were a huge help!
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                            I purchased several ebooks from an online store that already disappeared. This was several years ago.

                            My computer crashed and had to reformat it again.

                            I also changed my email address.

                            Now adobe reader (version 7) tells me I downloaded the file with different credentials and cannot open. Must return to the store and download them again.

                            How can this be worked around?
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                              I recently try to upgrade to 1.7 and when I was prompted to unistall version 1.5 i said yes, now when I try to install version 1.7 I get the message corrupted digitaleditions_win.zip, does anyone have an I idea as to what I should do next?
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                                  I tried to follow your directions for Windows Explorer, but I have version 8.0 and it does not have Folder Options listed under Tools. I usually use Firefox, but it also does not have Folder Options listed under tools.

                                  I have  uninstalled the newer versions of Adobe Reader (I've tried both 8 and 9) and gone back to Adobe Reader 7, but still have been unable to get anywhere.


                                  I just realized that your message is from 2007; since everything has changed since then with Internet Explorer and Adobe Digital Editions and Reader, I'm not sure what to do.  Does anyone have any updated information, since Adobe announced in that they changed everything near the end of March 2009?

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                                    Marguerite,  You are confusing Windows Explorer with Internet Explorer.  Windows Explorer is your My Computer Icon on your Desktop.  You will find the Folder Options there.

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                                      The frustration gets worse with new technology. I am running a new pc with Windows 7 64-bit. I would like to read books on my Palm TX. However, I am unable to activate the Palm and Adobe Customer Care is not useful.


                                      I have the following programs on this machine: Adobe Reader 9, Adobe Digital Editions, Adobe Reader for PalmOS. Please note that I recently successfully acitivated a Sony Reader. It took some work but was successful on the 4th or 5th attempt.


                                      On the Palm TX I have installed the Adobe Reader for PalmOS.


                                      Forums indicate one should use Adobe Reader 6 or 7 to activate DRM for the Palm. Those versions of Adobe Reader do not run on Windows 7.


                                      I download an dBook from the library onto Adobe Digital Editions. I can read this ebook on my pc. I can transfer the ebook to the Sony Reader. However, Digital Editions does not recognize my Palm TX. I try to activate the Palm but ADE will not do it, and ADE does not recognize my Palm. There is no information concerning my situation in any Forum I have found and Adobe Customer Care keeps labeling my Support request as "withdrawn".


                                      I open AR for PalmOS, link to the library book to queue it for transfer to my Palm. AR for PalmOS responds that the file "has not been encrypted using standard security handler and therefore could not be opened". I can transfer non-encrypted pdf files to my Palm TX using this program.


                                      I use my Palm to listen to audio books from the library using Overdrive.


                                      I am frustrated and think I am stuck because the library uses only Adobe Digital Editions. I will be asking the library if they have other programs available that are compatible with more portable devices.


                                      Please let me know if someone has a solution to my issues.


                                      Thank you.

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                                        marguerite_mcpherson Community Member

                                        Check to see if your library will carry eReader books or Mobipocket books, or belongs to a system where libraries have a joint site for ebooks.  I am able to get Mobipocket books from my library (they are in a system withe other libraries in the Metro Phoenix area).  I was told that they can't get eReader books right now because the budget is too tight. If you go to some of the ebook sites (www.eReader.com, www.diesel-ebooks.com, www.fictionwise.com, etc), they have books in Mobipocket and eReader format that are free, which is great if your budget is tight.


                                        Have you checked with the Palm web site to see if they can help at all with the TX and Windows 7?  I would check there too.  I bought a Palm 755p phone last year and was able to add eReader and Mobipocket to it so I can read ebooks if I'm waiting somewhere with nothing to do.

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                                          Thank you for your help. The local library has ebooks only in Adobe Digital Editions. I will ask them about eReader or Mobipocket in the future. I have eReader on my TX and use it occassionally. Again thank you for the websites.


                                          I understand from postings that Palm sold the software to another company and will not be updating the TX software for Windows 7 64bit. Right now I can Hotsync using a wi-fi connection and Palm suggests using bluetooth.


                                          I think the real issue is Adobe went to Digital Editions, which is OK. However they did not update support for the Palm TX, which I think is the Adobe Reader for PalmOS, with the new encryption being used in the Digital Editions.


                                          Again, thank you for the suggestions. I will approach the local library to expand its ereader support.

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                                            I have a Palm Centro and I've been reading books from the library using mobipocket, which works great. My problem is that some of the books are only available in Adobe epub and I can't figure out how to read them on my phone. I am an apple user, so the windows instructions above don't apply. Anyone know how to read the epub books on the Centro?