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    Cannot Copy and Paste in Adobe Acrobat Version 9 Standard

    Psuhoo Level 1

      I just bought a new computer and with it I purchased Adobe Acrobat Version 9 Standard.  In the past I used previous version of Acrobat standard and professional to create drawings and to copy and paste my engineering seal on my structural calculations.  I am having (2) problems.  The first is when I try to copy and paste my seal from a PDF file, it does not work in Version 9.  I use the snap shot tool.  Please try the attached file using Version 9.  It works in Version 8 Standard and Version 7 professional.


      The second is when I try to printing from AutoDesk products.  I had the problem of when I would print a PDF from AutoCAD it would sooo big.  To work around that, I started using Autodesk Reviewer and creating my PDFs from an Autodesk DWF file.  WIth Version 9, I now having the file size problem with the DWF files.  It is about 5 times larger than the DWF and the qualtiy is terrible.  I was able to create a PDF from a DWF from Version 7 and 8 without these problems.