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    Recording only creates one blank slide still the case. Please urgent help




      I am just beginner in activate recording.


      I record internet explorer screens or notepad . After recording END button,all records become one blank slide.  and No captions kept also


      for example


      I run the captivate 3

      choose record new project

      custom size

      recording mode:demonstration  (used also simulation,custom  but no solution)

      click on red record button

      then after taking some actions on internet explorer or



      have PC with the following parameters:


      windows XP SP2

      2GB Ram

      ADI Radeon Xpress 1200 graphic card

      AMD Athlon 4050E



      I see you that you also proposed some solutions in other threads which didn't help me






      the actions taken by me below:


      have captivate v3.0.1 build 589

      I uninstalled flash 10 and downloaded flash 9

      or  removed all programs in startup with msconfig

      resized project without choosing : maintain aspect ratio option

      no keylogger or spyware  found

      disabled hardware accelaration


      but nothing helped


      Do you have a permanent solution?


      Thanks for really quick feedback.


      Best regards