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    FrameMaker 9 running on Win Server 2003

      I installed FrameMaker 9 on a PC running Windows Server 2003. When I run FrameMaker, I get an error dialog stating "FrameMaker cannot initialize its dictionaries. Either the LanguageDir entry specified in the initialization file is missing or incorrect, or the files in the LanguageDir are missing or corrupted." I installed FrameMaker 9 on an XP PC and everything is running fine. Is the a compatibility issue with FrameMaker 9 on WinServer2003?

      Any help would be appreciated.
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          Arnis Gubins Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Check the maker.ini entry for the Language directory/folder. It should be:


          where this points to the \dict folder in your FM setup.

          Check that you have this folder and that the language files are in there. Also check the permissions/poliy on these files. Are you allowed to use them with the login that is running FM.
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            I have the same problem after installing the trial version on a Vista Business 64 bit system. Also an install on a XP machine did result in this message. A second install here did solve the problem for wathever reason. On Vista I am puzzled. By the way, all the settings in the maker.ini file are correct in my opinion. On this machine, Framemaker 8 worked well.


            Wim-NL added the following: Installed 9.0.2 update, still no luck, same error message. I also checked the consfile.txt that was being generated when starting up FrameMaker. The following error message was given:

               FrameMaker: pc=06916337 indx=31045 string usage error: invalid format


            Wim-NL Added the following:Installed 9.0.3 update, still no luck, same error message. Uninstalled Framemaker 9 completely. Also cleaned up all registry settings with "Framemaker" mentioned. It draw my attention that in one of the settings of PrevX1 CSI a reference was made to one of the files in the Dict map of Framemaker (HKCU\Software\PCSI). Reinstalled Framemaker with PrevX1 disabled. Now it works, but if this was the couse of not starting? Could be. After enabeling PrevX1 again, Framemaker still works.

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              I ran into the "framemaker cannot initiailize its dictionaries" error after installing on a machine that previously had Framemaker 8 installed. Here's how I got mine to work:


              1. Uninstall Framemaker 8. Reboot.


              2. If Framemaker 9 is installed and not working, uninstall Framemaker 9. Reboot.


              3. Copy the Framemaker 9 "setup.exe." installer to a directory on your machine.


              4. Run setup.exe


              5. When prompted, tell it *NOT* to keep your Framemaker 8 settings.


              After I did this, Framemaker 9 worked.

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                i had the same issue, after installing FM9.

                Please check if th directory  %CommonProgramFiles%\adobe\Linguistics exists.

                If not copy it from a running installation.

                Then it should work.