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    List items are scrolling? They shouldn't do that.


      I have a list component that displays text. The user can click on the text to see one of the times. Some of the item names are very long so I set variableRowHeight and wordWrap to true. Now if the user holds the mouse over one of the items that is wraping and uses the scroll wheel they can scroll the item text as well as all the items in the list. All the items in the list scrolling up and down is normal, but I wouldn't expect a user to beable to scroll the items label text.

      You can see this at www.hgsj.ctlbyu.org


      Just hold the mouse over one of the items that wraps onto a second line in the list on the left hand side of the screen and use the scroll wheel on your mouse to see what I'm talking about.


      I've tried using a custom item renderer to fix this but for some reason the app goes into an infinit loop on the list's function makeRowsAndColumns().


      Any help getting the item's labels to not scroll would be appreciated.