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    Premiere Pro CS4 on iMac Leopard capture window no DV option


      I've been trying to capture DV footage (uncompressed) via Firewire 800 port on a new iMac running Leopard from a 2002 JVC BR-DV3000 VTR that plays Sony DVCAM tapes. Premiere Pro CS4 however does not behave like it should (checked many videos online) as the capture window instead of DV and HDV options shows only HDV and QuickTime. As the device is DV-PAL (settings are ok on it I checked over and over) it won't work with HDV setting. So I tried the QuickTime setting with DV-PAL 'compression', set the device control to JVC (Premire is able to control it under the QuickTime setting) but the quality of footage captured is garbage. I went and uninstalled/reinstalled the whole Adobe Master Creative collection from the system but the setting is exactly the same. How do I get DV to appear in the capture option so I can capture from this device the best possible quality footage? Please help me as I feel I'm loosing my mind over this. One more thing I needed to but a new FireWire cable to fit into the back of the new iMac as the FireWire 800 port is different from the old FireWire port. But surely that should have nothing to do with how Premiere behaves? Besides the DV VTR device is visible to the system juts the capture controls are uncontrollable.


      Many thanks for any feedback in advance