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    Index to Dreamweaver FAQ

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      New to Dreamweaver?

      There are a lot of helpful articles and tutorials in the Getting Started section of the Dreamweaver Developer Center. To work successfully with Dreamweaver, you need a solid understanding of HTML and CSS. There are free tutorials for both at HTML Dog:

      Also check out Get up to speed with CSS layouts.

      100% CPU and slow typing on a Mac

      This issue has been fixed in the 12.1 Creative Cloud update. A fix for perpetual licence holders is in the works. More details.

      Crashes, installation, JavaScript errors, and unexplained problems

      If Dreamweaver is acting erratically, or if you see a message saying "the following JavaScript error(s) occurred",  it's usually a sign of a corrupt cache file. The first thing to try should always be to delete the file cache. If that doesn't work, delete your personal Configuration folder. Full instructions are in Deleting a corrupted cache file.


      If you're having general installation problems, check the installation logs. There's also a dedicated forum for Downloading, Installing, Setup. When posting there, give details of your system and any error messages you get.


      Design problems/CSS

      Design tutorials

      Note: Some tutorials are on non-Adobe sites

      Dreamweaver Cookbook

      The Dreamweaver Cookbook contains a collection of articles describing how to perform a range of tasks - some simple, others more advanced - in Dreamweaver. You can also post a request for someone to provide a recipe for a particular task.


      Photoshop integration

      Preview in browser

      Site management


      User interface