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    How to determine and set width/height for a movie

      Hi all,

      this may be a basic question but I can't seem to find this information anywhere. I want to determine what the default size in pixels an actionscript 3 project is, to be able to set its width and height to a particular setting, and to display in the browser at its actual size.

      The project I am working on will be used on a webpage with a bunch of other non-flash data, so it's important it's the right size and fits in properly with the rest of the content.

      So far I've seen I can force values by editing the files in the html-template folder, and I can query sizes from the stage object, but really what I want to do is find these values inside Flex Builder and for Run/Debug mode to display the project in actual size, not stretch it out. I may want to scale it up or down later on or allow scaling by browser resizing, but I want to default to real size for development, if you see what I mean :)

      Thanks in Advance,