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    Simple AIR ajax question? One html file or many?


      I am a new ajax air developer and was wondering if it's a better practice to use one html file in my app or many html files? So far I have been testing with many html files using javascript location.href to send the user to another html page when they click different navigation buttons. This works although there is a clear webpage "loading" feel to the app due to a temporary white screen displaying over the app as it loads the next page (maybe for a couple milliseconds). Not a huge deal but still feels somewhat unprofessional since regular desktop apps do not have this "flicker" occur when changing navigation. Now if I use a single html file (where I load html using javascript) this does not occur but the file feels very large and bloated. Anyone have any suggestions of how I can eliminate the flicker that occurs using many files (perhaps I am not loading the file the correct way into the native window) or am I stuck with a single file if I want there to be no flicker?