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    ****Urgent**** Webservice Complex Type Handling ****Urgent****


      Hi kglad, am junior flash developer trying out webservices.
      So i was trying out a webservice "https://www.suhrkamp.de/webservice/suhrkamp_ws.cfc?wsdl"
      where i call getNews("webservicechef","remote147suhrkamp",41722) method.But even before the
      method is executed on the server i get an error of "Type apachesoap:Document not resolvable".From more research av come
      to knw tht the problem is that the service returns a complex type of apachesoap:Document
      which flash doesnt seem to understand.So how will i solve this....?


      my source is shown here below




      import mx.services.*;




      bt_Enter.clickHandler = function() {
          trace("Show invocation..");
          var q:String = input.text;
          //used to trace the actions from the cleint..
          stockServiceLog = new Log(Log.VERBOSE);
          stockServiceLog.onLog = function(txt) {
              disp.text = txt;
          /*var fault = function (stat) {
          trace("in fault..,");
              if (stat.code == "WebServiceFault"){
          //Instanciating the web service..
          var stockservice = new WebService("https://www.suhrkamp.de/webservice/suhrkamp_ws.cfc?wsdl", stockServiceLog);
          //stockservice.addEventListener("status", fault);
          stockResultObj = stockservice.getNews("webservicechef","remote147suhrkamp","41722");
          trace("Requested XML: "+stockResultObj.request+" from  request");
          //stockservice.onLoad = trace("loading");
          // the onResult function is called if the service is successful
          stockResultObj.onResult = function(result) {
              trace(" result ok..");
              trace("RequestXML: "+stockResultObj.request);
              trace("ResponseXML: "+stockResultObj.response);
          stockResultObj.onFault = function(fault) {
              trace(" on error  ok..");
              // If there is any error such as the service not working, the onFault handler will be invoked.
              disp.text += fault.faultCode+","+fault.faultstring;