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    How to begin a successful freelance scripter career?

    Kasyan Servetsky Level 5


      Dear all,



      Due to economic troubles in my country, the number of pages in the magazine a work for has reduced by half. As a result, I have less work, slashed salary, more free time and desire to occupy myself with what I really love to do – writing scripts. Since there exist people that develop scripts, I guess that people, who need scripts to be written for them and willing to pay for that, must exist somewhere as well.



      Q #1: How to find them?

      I browsed dozens of freelance sites, but found only one request to write a script for InDesign, back in 2008. I couldn't find even an appropriate category: something like scripting for InDesign, Photoshop, InCopy, etc.



      Q #2: What are the rates for writing scripts? How such kind of work is rated: by hours, number of lines/characters?



      Q #3: How to transfer money from country to country?


      As far as I understand, the most popular way to pay online is PayPal, but it imposed restrictions in my country: we can send money, but can't receive them. Which money transfer system to choose: SWIFT, MoneyGram, Western Union, Contact, Unistream?


      I would appreciate any advice on this subject because I really don't know where to start.