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    Embedding Themes?

      Is there away to embed themes that you have made to a website?

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          Mordy Golding Level 3

          Can you clarify exactly what you'd like to do? I'm unsure as to what you mean.



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            In HTML you can put hex codes in the code, and the hex code is equal to number of that color.  However, I think that might be a copyright infringement, and illegal.

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              pbear* Level 1


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                caalip Level 1

                The 10 page adobe thing we were supposed to read is not about Kuler, it is just a generic adobe agreement.  And if you really look at the adobe agreement, we are not allowed to copy anything for any reason ever, even if your grandmother is fire.  So the whole Kuler site is basically completely illegal.  You are not allowed to copy anything from other people or use their work.  However, their work is clearly made available, and even has a download button to download their work, which we are not allowed to copy.   Further Kuler does not even have any TOS.  Basically, I think it more or less actionable to use anything from this site.  Nowhere is there any documentation that says this work is in the public domain. 

                If you read the guidelines thing about Kuler spirit, it is very vague about if you are even allowed to copy other people's stuff on this site, and it does not cover anything about using the colors in other sites or in you programs.

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                  Mordy Golding Level 3

                  I copied this text directly from Adobe's Terms of Use document:


                  And now in more common terms:We realize that this section might look a bit scary and so we want to point out a few things. This section only applies to those portions of our sites, such as User Forums, where we intend for users to share content freely with Adobe and with each other. It does not apply to all of the content that you share, contribute or post to our sites. For example, it does not apply to content hosted by Photoshop.com or Acrobat.com. For services like those, we will provide customized license grants that are consistent with the spirit and intent of those services and that are appropriate for the kinds of content we expect you to share within them. (We say this more formally below.) So we encourage you to be selective when deciding which content to contribute under this license and we want you to be sure that you are comfortable granting the above rights when it comes to that specific content.


                  So I think it's pretty clear that when people create their kuler themes with the "public" option, that everyone is free to download and use them with no issues whatsoever.