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    FuseTalk Code Indenting

    FlightGuy Level 1
      I know this is a bit off topic for this forum, though arguably on topic for any forum here. I am finding it most frustrating that I cannot indent or format literal code snippets at all using FuseTalk (the software behind this forum).

      Really, the most common thing to quote in any posting to this forum is code snippets or XML, which can be very tough to read if they are not indented. I think it would really make it a lot easier if the forum software supported it. Does anybody know if FuseTalk offers some settings that allow/disallow indenting and formatting? If there is no support for it and FuseTalk can't provide it, could we (OK you, our gracious hosts) consider an alternative that's more code-friendly.

      If you look, for example, at MediaWiki (granted, a wiki, not forum, software), prefixing lines with a space forces them into fixed-width font in a nice little box.

      Does anybody share this frustration?