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    RoboHelp Server 8

    tuls.garg Level 2

      I am starting this thread to give an introduction to RoboHelp Server 8. Any comments and questions are most welcome.

      RoboHelp Server 8 is completely rewritten in Java and is much more stable and robust than previous versions.
      Installation is much more simplified now.

      One major difference from earlier versions is now RoboHelp Server 8 does not need IIS Server. Instead it uses tomcat server.

      You can download RoboHelp Server 8 trial version from http://www.adobe.com/downloads/

      Prerequisite for installing RoboHelp Server 8
      • Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.5 or higher
      • Tomcat 6.0.14 (or 6.0.16)

      Steps to install RoboHelp Server 8
      1) Install JRE and Tomcat.
      2) Verify tomcat is up and running by visiting url : http://localhost:8080
      3) Launch setup.exe of RoboHelp Server 8
      4) RoboHelp Server 8 should get installed. Launch Config Manager from the desktop.
      5) Select the database you want to use for RoboHelp server 8 installation.
      6) Click save and then close Config Manager.
      7) Now open RoboHelp Server web admin url in browser: http://localhost:8080/robohelp/admin
      8) Web Admin login page should get opened up.
      9) Use default user name “admin” and password ”admin” to log in.
      10) RoboHelp Server 8 web admin should get launched.

      I shall talk about new features of RoboHelp Server 8 in follow-up thread.
      If you run into any issues while installing RoboHelp Server 8, please post your queries here.

      RoboHelp Server Team.
      Adobe Systems.

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          tuls.garg Level 2

          I would like to introduce the "Enhanced Search" feature of RoboHelp Server 8.

          RoboHelp Server 8 has two modes of search.
          In one mode of search, RoboHelp Server uses the search-index generated by the RoboHTML client which is published to RoboHelp Server when the project is

          In the other mode, RoboHelp server re-generates the search-index at server. This is the default mode of indexing used by RoboHelp Server 8.

          Server Side indexing (reindex=true) vs Client Side Indexing(reindex=false)

          Advantages of Server side indexing as compared to Client Side Indexing-

          a) This mode has better support for unicode search like CJK languages.
          b) This search also supports wildcard search.
          c) Its more efficient and robust.
          d) Server Administrator can schedule reindexing of server documents at specified time. Any additional documents in pdf, doc, xls, ppt or txt format can be added to project folder on server machine explicitly at anytime and when scheduled indexing happens these documents will be indexed too and show up in search results.
          This gives admin the flexibility to add documents other than RoboHTML published format to RoboHelp server and make them available to their end user via this search functionality.

          Limitation of Server side indexing as compared to Client Side Indexing-
          a) Project synonym list, phrase list and stop list is ignored while re-generating search index at server side.
          b) Topic context is not shown in searh results.

          However new search enhancements introduced in RoboHTML 8 like keyword search, ranking, excluding topic from search result are supported in both the modes.

          To change the mode of indexing, user can follow these steps
          -go to <RHServer8 installation path>/WEB-INF,
          -open robohelp_server.properties file in notepad.
          -set reindex=false (by default it is set to true).
          -Restart the server(restart tomcat service)

          Depending on their requirement, user can choose either mode of search.

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