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    ?solving "other user"


      It finally occurred to me that I have two Adobe IDs. One at work [Mac OS 10.4.11] and one at home [Mac OS 10.5.current#].


      So trying to download at work something originally downloaded at home has always given me the " Document is licensed for a different user account",

      or the similar "Document is in use by a different user account".


      1-Is there a way after the fact to change the licenses?

      2- is this something that happens at each download site or uses my "adobe registration database" in preference files?

      3- How to change/delete my home ID to just be my work ID-? de-authorize this computer [does this still happen in digital edition 1.7.1??] or is my id buried somewhere ?library/application support/adobe/digital editions/activation.dat



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          Jim Lester Level 4

          There is no way to merge accounts.  You can however activate you computer once per OS User account (create another user account and when you launch DE you will be asked for your AdobeID).


          If mucking around with user accounts isn't to your taste, you can deactivate an account on the mac by pressing Cmd+Shift+D.