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    making pdf markup anonymous

    tobidelbruck Level 1
      Does anyone know how to make a markup of a PDF document anonymous? Needed for review of a journal paper. The PDF is already marked up but all the markup is tagged with my username. If i select all the comments, i can change the properties of all of them, but is there a command to strip all username info from the markup?
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          acropete Level 2
          Hello tobidelbruck,

          Thanks for your post, and for using Acrobat.com...
          The comment system will append the username to each of the comments, and there is not a way to remove the names, short of removing the comments, and maybe making them again from a "anonymous" username making the comments.
          No way to strip the username collaboration information though.
          I will pass this on as a feature request, as it could be of good use.

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            s.mcelmurry Level 1

            Are there any new developments regarding this issue?


            This would be EXTREMELY helpful! I cannot tell you how many times my colleagues have asked if there was a way to do this? Also helpful, would be a toolbar with simple editing marks (delete, insert, break, etc.).

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              mcacbat Level 2

              Since you are asking specifically about PDF, and you can't edit PDF files using Acrobat.com, I'd suggest re-posting your question in the Acrobat Forums.

              Any questions related to the Acrobat family of desktop products would be best suited in the Acrobat User Forums:







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                A. Fischlin Level 1

                It is unbelievable that such an expensive tool as Acrobat X does not provide a simple command to make all comments anonymous. Sorry, but it is not good enough to thank for the suggestion. Adobe staff should have thought of this in the first place, since this is an obvious need for thousands of scientists and Adobe should now rush to provide the needed tool. Current behavior (latest Acrobat as of this writing) is a mess, since it requires to edit every comment, every highlight one after the other if one has accidentally annotated it non-anonymously. And then what a mess results, since the program behavior is buggy and Acrobat changes not only the author but also the appearance of a highlights, although I edited only the name. Incredible stupid program behavior for something as simple as a global replace text. Shame on Adobe!!!! Simply inacceptable.


                Thanks for your help and cooperation (in case you should read this).


                Sincerely yours,

                Andreas Fischlin

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                  dave_m_k Adobe Employee

                  Good day Andreas,


                  I would suggest that you fill out our feature request form here: https://www.adobe.com/cfusion/mmform/index.cfm?name=wishform


                  The results received via that form are reviewed by members of the Acrobat engineering team.


                  It is the best way to make your desire for change known to the folks who can enact that change.


                  Kind regards,


                  Acrobat Community Manager

                  Adobe Systems

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                    Arjibarji Level 1

                    I struggled with this at first, and read all the various comments and suggestions.  However, the ultimate answer was relatively simple using the free Acrobat Reader X.  I am using version 10.1.2.


                    Open the file with comments.  Click "Comment" in the top right. Left-click once on any comment to highlight it.  Use ctrl-A to select all comments. While they are all highlighted in the comments window, right click any one of them once.  Select properties from the context menu.  In the Properties dialogue box that opens up, switch to the "General" tab.  Delete the author's name in the first of the two fields.  Click OK.


                    That's it.  All comments now have a blank instead of a name.


                    Am I missing something?  it seems very straightforward!

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                      drdrumfish Level 1

                      Arjibarji has it correct. This procedure also works in Adobe Acrobat 9.


                      I will add one alternative:


                      If you are starting on a document and want to fix this from the get go: After you make your first comment you can write in whatever you want in the 'General' tab of the comment properties (i.e. Anonymous, reviewer 1, etc.). Then, select the 'make properties default' checkbox and all your subsequent comments will have the same moniker.

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                        sophiaat Level 1

                        I have done this hundreds of times (i.e. click the box to make this the properties default), and is it has yet to work for me. I wind up doing the options for every single correction to remove my name. I agree with the individual who is highly critical of Adobe for this problem. What appears to be a very simple correction just does not work.

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                          david w cooper union Level 1

                          But to be clear, Arjibarji has a solution that works.  And it applies to edits as well as comments.