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    Two questions about the NavBar.

    Lopo Nopo Level 1


      Two questions please:

      I'm binding my NavBar control to a simple Array() declared at my class.
      When my class gets the event "applicationComplete" it calls a function which adds a few items to that array.
      The NavBar updates correctly.
      After a while I add more items to that array, but the NavBar doesn't update (no buttons added).
      Should I call any function to make it update and add buttons?

      I did a test: By looping, I've created 20 items in an array which is bound to the NavBar and it seems like the NavBar adds these 20 items in a row without checking if it's becoming wider than the stage.
      Is there any way to tell it "max items to display", and make it have some sort of "right/left" buttons? Let's say like IE or Firefox 's tabbing system.

      See, my app is a bit complex and I can't just put static buttons up.

      Thank you all!

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          Michael Borbor Level 4

          Use an Array Collection instead of an array, and make sure you add the [Bindable] metatag.


          I didn't get your second question.

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            Lopo Nopo Level 1

            Thanks Michael,


            Look, I'm trying to use the NavBar for an application and the NavBar will be used to navigate through windows.

            Simply as that (:


            Now, you do know the Firefox or Internet Explorer browsers, right?

            When you open 20 browsing windows on them, the tab bar (they call it the "tab bar") is filled with buttons but shows only few of them, not all of them because there's no space on the screen.

            Yet, this tab bar puts two buttons from the left and the right, so the user can navigate in the tab bar to choose the current window.


            How do I do that?