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    Get photos in chronological order - PS Album Starter Ed 3.2


      When I "Get Photos" from a camera and choose to rename them (with "Name" + 001 option), they are acquired and renamed in no particular order and occasionally have the incorrect date.
      For example, I took 5 photos on 2/21, 4 photos on 2/22, and 3 photos on 2/23 (today).  When I imported them into Photoshop Album Starter Edition 3.2 and sort them by date, the filename numbers are in an almost random order, e.g. 2009Feb018, then 2009Feb002, then 2009Feb012 are the names of 3 photos taken within minutes of each other.
      In addition two of the 4 photos taken 2/22 show a date of 2/21.

      When I download photos from my camera to Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition 3.2, how do I get them to download in chronological order?

      Thanks very much for any help!

      Operating System: Windows XP
      Browser: Mozilla