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    Issue with decreasing startup time of Air Application(Please Help)


      If someone knew the answer to this it would really help me. I put a large directory into my source folder that was pulling up HTML files through a mx:html. I added a creationComplete function so a the user would fill out a registration form before they start using the application. When I run the application from Flex it runs fine but when I export the application and turn it into a .air file and install it on a computer, the application seems to be scanning the entire directory(the src folder) the application is in, including the large sub-directory housing the HTML files, before the application starts. I don't know if its the creationComplete fuction or something else, but my application did not do this before but know its doing it now. There is no need to scan the entire folder before the application starts. Does anyone know what function would be scanning the source folder before opening the application? Is it the creationComplete function? Do I have any other alternatives besides for creationComplete that will not scan the entire folder at application startup, or is there anyway to exclude a specific subdiretory (in the src folder) at startup so the a application will not scan the entire folder before opening, or should I put the creationComplete function in a separate directory.


      What i'm using:


      <mx:WindowedApplication xmlns:mx="http://www.adobe.com/2006/mxml" layout="absolute" xmlns="*"
          height="730" width="1257" title="Prototype" xmlns:comp="components.*"
          creationComplete="checkRegistrationWinInfo(), checkRegistrationInfo()">