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    Can pdf forms always send xml data (even if pdf is not extended)?




      my problem is the following. I've got the acrobat professional license, so I can create pdf forms.


      I added to my form a submit via mail button, and sent it to the end user, who had only the acrobat reader. He was able to fill the form and send its data through the email button, and I received an xml file with the data.


      Since I had not extended the document, I guess this is always possible, so I can always receive the xml data from the filled forms, can't I?


      Then also extended the document from Acrobat Professional (Tools -> Enable Usage Rights in Adobe Reader), since I need the end client be able to save the form. Now I simply sent this extended document via mail ( not using the Distribuite Form tool in Acrobat), the user clicked the button and I received again my xml.


      Now, I want to deliver my document to up 500 end clients, do I have any limitation?

      I quote acrobat licenze agreement:


      14.13.3 For any unique Extended Document, you may only either (a) Deploy such Extended Document to an unlimited number of unique recipients but shall not extract information from more than five hundred (500) unique instances of such Extended Document or any hardcopy representation of such Extended Document containing filled form fields [...]


      Since the feature I decribed before (the xml data emailing) is granted even if the document is not extended, I think this limitation does not apply to me. Am I right?


      The limitation instead applies if I use the "Distribuite form" feature (Forms -> Distribuite Forms...) in acrobat professional. If I use this feature to distribuite the form, an email is automatically sent by acrobat (and not manually by me, as before) and pdf dataset is created. When the end client cliks the button, a pdf (and not an xml) with the data is sent to me. If I double click it acrobat fills the dataset that was created with the data. Is it the infomation extration the licence refers to?


      This is my conclusion: a pdf form can always send xml data via reader, and if I extend with acrobat, the end user can also save it. The only limitation is distribution of the form using the "Distribuite form" feature, but if I don't use it I've no limitation on the number of times I can get xml data.

      Can anyone confirm my conclusion is right?


      Thanks a lot

      Giuseppe Romeo