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    Pre-populating PDF Barcoded forms in ASP.NET


      Will outline my business requirements.

      We have employee information already captured in the database. There are some regulator related forms to be filled in (forms are barcoded forms available from the regulating organization).

      We need to build a solution that takes the pdf forms from the regulating agencies (they come up with different versions every 3 years)as a template, query the database for the personal information, prepopulate the form and print or email these forms to the regulating org.

      Most often, the data we have in our database may not be complete or incorrect, we should be able to edit the information in the prefilled form. After submitting the corrected form, the data should also come back to the database and be able to email or print the pdf files.

      We will be using ASP.NET with C#.

      Our experience with adobe is to use Acrobat Reader :-(


      1. What are the products / APIs from adobe to be used for getting this done in ASP.NET using C#.

      2. How can this be done?

      3. Any live samples you can share?

      4. Are there any products readily available that can do this?

      Appreciate your response.