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    DW acting badly-Tossing prefs not helping


      Dreamweaver CS3 on a Mac Mini OS 10.5.6.


      Just yesterday, I was updating my website by switching out old images with new ones. But today, DW isn't letting me do it.


      I open a page (existing or new) and go to common>Image and go though the whole place image process. Save and test in Firefox, Opera and Safari. The Image is not placed with only browsers the missing image symbol showing.  I've been using DW since the Macromedia days so, I'm certain I'm doing it right...


      This worked yesterday!


      When Photoshop or Painter starts to misbehave, I trash the preferences and all is well. This is not working with DW this time.


      Here's that path to the preferences I used:
      Hard drive>my mac>Library>Preferences>Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 Prefs


      I then toss the DW prefs and restart the app. It's not working.


      Ideas? Not the right prefs?


      If I need to uninstall/install, is there a way to save all my settings?


      Thanks In advance

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          Nadia-P Rockstar

          If Dreamweaver is behaving in an odd way, it frequently means you have a corrupt personal configuration folder. Close Dreamweaver, locate the personal configuration folder, and rename it. When you restart Dreamweaver, it should create a new configuration folder with all the program defaults.


          For details of how to find the configuration folder, see this page in the Dreamweaver FAQ.

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            artnerd59 Newcomer

            First, thank you for your quick response.


            I tried your configuration folder idea (renaming about 5 times) but, it didn't work. Any other ideas? My next plan is to take screen shots of all the settings and somehow uninstall DW completely and start over.

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              Nadia-P Rockstar

              I'm out of ideas :-)  I guess you could try calling support and see what they say.


              Before you try reinstalling, make sure you back up (export) all your site definitions.. Not sure under which menu heading this is under on a Mac, but check for it.

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                David_Powers Mythic

                When Macs lose site definitions, it's often the result of a corrupt keychain. I have never needed to repair the keychain on my Macs, so I don't know the process. However, searching Mac help or Google for repair keychain should point you in the right direction.


                To answer Nadia's question about where to export sites on a Mac, it's the same as Windows. Site > Manage Sites. Shift-click to select all the sites listed in the dialog box, and then click Export. Save the .ste files somewhere safe, ready for reimporting later.

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                  artnerd59 Newcomer

                  Well, it's been an interesting day:(

                  I did save the settings (thanks for that!) then uninstalled DW using the application disk uninstall feature then started ti install DW. I was instructed to install the 'Adobe ExtendScript Toolkit 2'(?). So I inserted the second disk  but, 'Adobe ExtendScript Toolkit 2' apparently isn't on that disk ether...

                  So... I attached my mac laptop to my mini and transfered DW over but, as you can guess, it didn't work. The s/n wasn't accepted. For anti-pirating reasons  I guess.

                  So... I went back and tried to uninstall the DW copy from my laptop and now I'm getting a set-up error box. 'Setup has encountered an error and cannot continue. Contact Adobe Customer Support for Assistance'.

                  What's the next step? Is there a way to fix this without spending time on the phone?


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                    David_Powers Mythic

                    You can try the steps in the article on installation issues in the Dreamweaver FAQ. However, it sounds as though you might have created problems with the licensing system, in which case Customer Support is probably your best best.