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    Design mode error


      I'm creating a Flex application in which I use several extended components I created in a separate lib.
      In my root application, only for some of the extended components, I get the following warning:

      "Design mode: Error creating item com.foo.bar in parent Application. Please choose Design > Refresh to refresh design mode."

      The refresh doesn't work, and those components don't appear in the design mode.
      I couldn't find the cause for some of the components to behave differently.
      All the components work as expected when running the app - the problem is only in the design mode.

      Did someone encounter this problem and know how to resolve it?

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          I'm having the same issue.

          It is definitely connected to either defining states within my custom component mxml files or defining nonvisual components such as validators in them.

          Is there a solution to this or a workaround?

          I likewise can run my app just fine, but I can't really see what's going on in my main application design mode.

          I've been googling but there are no satisfactory answers that I could find.

          Hope there's some help out there. :)
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            mlabriola Level 4
            It is related to the non-visual components. Sorry I didn't see this thread earlier.

            There is a flag you can use in your code to prevent instantiating these pieces when you are in design view.

            First, import the internal name space and UIComponentGlobals

            import mx.core.mx_internal;
            import mx.core.UIComponentGlobals;

            Inside of your source, you can do the following:

            if ( UIComponentGlobals.mx_internal::designTime ) {
            //Things to do in design view
            } else {
            //things to do at runtime

            I prevent any validators or rpc services from instantiating in design view. This has made a world of difference.