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    Will not display images in preview in browse




      I am new to fireworks and am attempting to make a simple pop up menu but am having trouble viewing the image.  First, I converted a .jpeg image to a button. I then put menu pop-up functions on this button.  When I displayed it in preview with browser, the pop-up images displayed, but there was an "x'd" out image where the original should have been. 


      I was curious about why this was, figured that there was a problem with the file that I imported, and so I decided to just use one of the library's buttons.  Again - the original button was "x'd" out but the pup-up functions displayed.


      I therefore decided to go even more basic and simply painted an image gray and attempted to preview in browser.  Again, "x'd" out image.


      Can someone please tell me how to fix this??  It is driving me INSANE!!!!


      The crazy thing is that earlier this morning, everything was working just fine.  The images would display perfectly.  Now, they are gone and I am at witt's end trying to figure out what the heck is going on.


      If ANYONE could please help me, I would be in such gratitude.




      Ben (noob to web design)