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    Layers: Copy, Cut and Paste

    sfjedi Newcomer

      Another feature I'm used to that I just can't live without (coming from a Corel PHOTO-PAINT background), is the ability to copy or cut a layer with CTRL+C or CTRL+X. In Photoshop, you first have to CTRL+click the layer to select its transparency then CTRL+C to copy the layer, but I'll tell you why this is not ideal. First off, it's one more step that's totally unnecessary. Secondly, sometimes I want to cut the layer completely, which means store the entire layer to the clipboard and delete it in the same process. That way, I can just paste it right back in my document if I want or I can select a different document and just paste it there. I realize you can drag and drop, but adding this feature wouldn't ruin any existing functionality and it just makes sense!


      To clarify, my request is that if no mask is selected and somebody hits CTRL+C or CTRL+X that it copies or cuts the entire layer, along with any layer masks attached to it.


      Thanks for listening

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          c.pfaffenbichler Legend

          Just a hint: Selecting a Layer’s transparency prior to copying would result in shrinking soft edges, so Select All (command-A) might be a better idea in this case.

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            sfjedi Newcomer

            I didn't realize that was the case. Thank you very much for your tip! Problem is, even your tip doesn't fully copy a layer. That is, if your layer extends beyond the bounds of the document then those portions will not be copied. If this feature request were implemented you could cut or copy the entire layer! Regardless of where its bounds are.

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              harry teasley Newcomer

              Just drag the layer to the New Layer button on your Layers palette. Or give Duplicate Layer a keyboard shortcut you like.


              My point: your feature exists in Photoshop already.


              My real point: the workflow in PS is not the same as in Photo-paint. Get over it.

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                Reynolds (Mark) Champion

                Jed - here are some ways in Photoshop to do the same as you want "copy and paste" layers…


                1 Using the move tool (V key) Option DRAGGING layers duplicates them - this works both within the document window OR in the layers panel. Simply option dragging a layer up or down in the layers panel gives you a duplicate.


                2 Command J at any time duplicates layers


                3 Keyboard shortcuts to duplicate layers can be assigned either with the keyboard shortcuts or by using ACTIONS with function keys


                4 dragging down to the new layer icon is actually the slowest available way in photoshop to duplicate layers


                5 Duplicating layers is available from either the layers panel drop down menu, OR from Layer/Duplicate layer


                Copy and paste in Photoshop are more powerful - this clipboard can include pixel content, text, layer styles - its much more complex than Photopaint and hence much more powerful. The simpler ways I've detailed above, are much better ways, get used to them.

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                  sfjedi Newcomer

                  Thanks for the help guys, but I don't see anywhere that I've mentioned duplication in this discussion. I'm 100% aware that Photoshop can duplicate layers and I've already reassigned my keyboard shortcut CTRL+D to perform this action.


                  Harry, you are wrong. These features are not already included in Photoshop. This has nothing to do with workflow, but features that are totally void in Photoshop.


                  Reynolds, your assumption that Corel PHOTO-PAINT doesn't also have complex layer information is off. It has many of the same features as Photoshop, including adjustment layers, clip masks, layer masks, and layer effects; though, they call them different things. And in Corel PHOTO-PAINT you can group layers together and cut, copy and paste them wherever you want, even across documents or into a separate application.


                  Copying, cutting and pasting are all different than duplicating. In Photoshop, you can have a layer selected and hit CTRL+C or CTRL+X and it won't do anything! It won't copy anything! You have to do a mask selection in order to copy the layer and even then it won't copy the layer outside of the document bounds. I really don't see how it would hurt to cut or copy a layer when currently nothing is assigned to this keyboard shortcut. That is, when a layer is selected and nothing else.


                  That aside, I've never made any claims that Photoshop is less powerful than Corel PHOTO-PAINT. I'm fully aware that Photoshop can do much more than Corel PHOTO-PAINT as a whole. My only argument is that Corel PHOTO-PAINT is simply more intuitive and efficient in "some" of the step processes it takes to accomplish certain goals and who are we to ignore these things when we can make Photoshop a more powerful tool?


                  I mean, just think about it. Assuming all of my feature requests were implemented into Photoshop, what leg would Corel PHOTO-PAINT have to stand on? Price is really the only thing left.


                  And notice that I'm not taking the effort to tell Corel PHOTO-PAINT to be like Adobe Photoshop, because I realize there's no way they're going to catch up. So who am I really supporting? The answer is simple. Adobe Photoshop!


                  I'm just trying to make it better guys. None of the features I've requested will hurt Photoshop. They can only make it better.

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                    harry teasley Newcomer

                    sfjedi wrote:


                    I'm just trying to make it better guys. None of the features I've requested will hurt Photoshop. They can only make it better.


                    For values of "better" that include "different in ways that will anger every experienced PS user".

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                      sfjedi Newcomer

                      Harry, your argument is ridiculous!


                      This cut, copy and paste feature request couldn't possibly anger any experienced PS user because they would NEVER hit CTRL+X or CTRL+C in the first place! Not when nothing but a layer is selected anyway.


                      Why do I think this? Because currently no command is assigned to these keyboard shortcuts when nothing but a layer is selected!


                      If you want to make your argument give me a specific example and why it would anger an experienced PS user. Otherwise, you're just blowing smoke!

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                        harry teasley Newcomer

                        I don't want Ctrl-C or Ctrl-X to do something when I'm not expecting them to. Ctrl-C and Ctrl-X work on active selections: that's what I expect, that's what every application I use does. No application I use that uses layers uses Ctrl-C and Ctrl-X to operate on the layer when nothing is actively selected (and that's more than just PS, in case you think I'm being funny).


                        I would say that Photo-paint is defying common UI convention in this way, and that PS is more predictable. And since you can get the ultimate end you want, either with Duplicate Layer (via any one of a few ways) or by dragging a layer into an open document, you do in fact have what you want, just just don't have your idiosyncratic way of doing it. Learn that your way is not the only good way.

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                          sfjedi Newcomer

                          I really don't understand what your beef is with this request, man!


                          If you only want them to work on active selections, well... the layer is selected; thus, an active selection. And why should you care if it does anything if you would never hit it in the first place w/o an active selection? If you make such a mistake you can always undo! Even if Fireworks or whatever other program doesn't do it either, that doesn't mean it doesn't make sense. And if you have such a huge problem with it, then make it an option users can turn on/off.


                          I never made any claims that my way is the "only good way" and the fact that you even phrased it that way shows that you're just trying to be a jerk about it. Your whole attitude sucks, man! Just because you don't like it doesn't mean other people won't. Apparently though, you seem to think "your way" is the only good way, because you're really trying hard to make sure Adobe doesn't respond to this or any one of my other requests.

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                            harry teasley Newcomer

                            You clearly don't understand the purpose of the forum: it's a place to discuss requests. I haven't asked you to stop posting, or be quiet. I've commented on the general lack of quality of several of your requests, in that the general theme is, "Make it like the thing I already know!" My ability to mask your requests from Adobe must be some sort of strange power I was unaware I had.


                            By all means, keep talking.

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                              Reynolds (Mark) Champion

                              Jed. The thing is this -  what you are asking would actually be a move backwards for Photoshop, not an improvement. As I tried to tell you before, copying and pasting deals with CONTENT, not layer structure elements. This is very fundamental to Photoshop. The clipboard has to be used to hold content, not superficial interface things or layer structure. For good reason, and its the same in most high-end applications because it is best this way.


                              The layers panel, its ease of use - the ways to duplicate, restructure and organise are extremely well designed at present. Although word on the street has it, that some people are looking to change this.


                              Practically, the keyboard shortcuts for copy and paste (command C followed by Command V) are more complex than a simple command J or Option drag, anyway. 

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                                sfjedi Newcomer

                                I don't want to "change" the way Photoshop handles layers. I just want to "add" to it! And if you guys don't like it then fine! You can turn the feature off, but at least people like me would have the option to use it.


                                The thing is, Corel PHOTO-PAINT also uses CTRL+C to copy CONTENT, as you say. In fact, it works just the same as Photoshop in every respect of layer duplication and dragging and dropping. It just does more!


                                Layer structure elements are a collection of content, so I don't see the fundamental problem here.


                                A simple Command+J or Option+drag aren't going to let me cut a layer and paste it into another document. I realize you can drag and drop a layer from one document to another, but what if you like to keep your documents maximized? Sure, you can duplicate the layer and it asks you which document you want it placed in, but what if all of your documents are currently named Untitled-1, Untitled-2, etc. and you don't remember what the name of the layer is where you wanted to paste this layer? Logically, it would be a more simple path to cut the layer first, click the document tabs until you verify that you've got the right one, then paste the layer where it belongs!


                                Thing is, why do you guys feel copying and pasting has to be limited to mask selections? You realize that you can also "select" layers in Photoshop? Programmatically, if your mouse focus is on the layers panel and you just selected a layer, it's only logical that a CTRL+C would mean that you want to copy that entire layer!


                                I don't see how this is a step backwards.

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                                  Zeno Bokor Ninja

                                  select the layer you want to copy, go to Layer->Duplicate and select the document in which you want to paste it

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                                    sfjedi Newcomer

                                    You obviously didn't read my whole post just above yours, because I already stressed how I'm 100% aware of what you just said and I gave a scenario in which your method would not help at all! Rather than writing it all over again, I urge you to read the entire post if you haven't already, and if you haven't, you really should before responding with a supposed solution.

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                                      Reynolds (Mark) Champion

                                      Again Jed, you make a strong argument. I think those are fair points and to be honest, in the end, its a reasonable enough request.


                                      Have to say that I personally am not so sure that copying and pasting entire layer structures, including all attached masks will really work. Because clipboard on high res files could then be enormous, equivalent to entire file sizes. It would mean a major rearrangement of the way that Photoshops clipboard is structured at present I think. But its an idea

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                                        sfjedi Newcomer

                                        Yeah, I see where you're going with that, but when you consider the file size of the mask it's always a totally flat, grayscale image. Now, copying a collection of layers would be quite intense on file size! I totally agree with you there, but there's always solutions to problems like this.


                                        As a programmer, here's how I might solve these types of issues. If the user has enough RAM for the copy, by all means go for it, but if the clipboard contents would exceed a reasonable amount then I could always prompt the user and ask them what they want to do. Do they want to cancel their copy command or go ahead with a slow, virtual memory-stored solution? Then, at least they know WHY it's being slow (because it's using virtual memory to achieve the task). And if the prompt gets too annoying they can always check the box that says "never show me this message again!"


                                        I think too many programmers give up when thing seem too difficult. They just scrap the design and go back to square one. In my opinion though, these are generally not good programmers. They lack the creativity to solve problems. My motto, as a programmer, and my boss knows this well, is that "nothing is impossible." He always asked me if this or that was possible, but my answer would always be, "Nothing is impossible, but if you want to know if it's WORTH it (the time, that is), then let's talk about that."


                                        It's all about time and money. Nothing is impossible. And if certain users don't like it, they don't have to use it. If Adobe is worried that it will actually really annoy current experienced users of PS? Keep it turned off by default and let people like me check the option to make it available. A perfect example is the "Auto-Select" checkbox on the move tool. It's off by default, but for people like me, I can go check that box and now I can sleep at night.

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                                          harry teasley Newcomer

                                          Layers are active, not selected. Why would, with nothing selected, Ctrl-C work on layers and not, say, brushes, when the brush palette is open? There's a difference between an active something and a selected something.


                                          You're willing to make this change because you like the behavior. It strikes me as creating inconsistent UI, which is almost always a very bad idea.

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                                            sfjedi Newcomer

                                            Let me ask you something. When you click on a layer in the layers panel, does the background color of that layer in the layers panel change? Yes. Why do you think that is? Because it's selected!


                                            I think one of the reasons you are so confused about this is because Photoshop uses the word "selection" to define what really is a mask. And I'm not just saying this because Corel PHOTO-PAINT calls it a mask instead of a selection, but the word "selection" is so engrained in your mind that you find it hard to believe that anything but a mask would count as a selection in Photoshop.


                                            Like I said, if the mouse focus is already in the layers panel, which it always will be if you just selected a layer, and no "mask" is defined, then it only makes sense that the layer itself be copied with CTRL+C. Your comment about copying a brush has nothing to do with CONTENT as has been previously stated. Layers, however, have EVERYTHING to do with content.

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                                              Reynolds (Mark) Champion

                                              "Photoshop uses the word "selection" to define what really is a mask"  - no its a selection. Masks hide, or reveal, and in Photoshop are interchangeable with selections. You do really need to get your head out of Corel Photo-Paint, if you intend to make the swap to Photoshop. In terms of internal logic, Photoshop wins every time, and thats why the concept of clipboarding layer structures is going down so badly. Like Harry says, its not consistent.


                                              As I said, yours is certainly a reasonable suggestion, its just to be honest, not a particularly good one. Because it would create more inconsistencies and problems than it would solve, and not really deliver anything in return. That I think is our point

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                                                sfjedi Newcomer

                                                Reynolds (Mark) wrote:


                                                "Photoshop uses the word "selection" to define what really is a mask"  - no its a selection.


                                                Really? Is that why Photoshop has a "Quick Mask Mode"?


                                                It's a mask! It might ALSO be a selection, but it is most definitely a mask.


                                                Wikipedia: Masking (in art)


                                                I really don't care what they call it. I just think it's skewing your perception of how a selection should be handled.


                                                That said, you are entitled to your own opinion and if you don't think this request is a good one, so be it.


                                                But to say it would create more inconsistencies and problems than it would solve is totally bogus! Because, as I said, they can make this feature off by default, just like the move tool's "Auto-Select" checkbox. So, for you, it wouldn't make a shred of difference, but for me and others like me it definitely would.

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                                                  harry teasley Newcomer

                                                  sfjedi wrote:

                                                  Really? Is that why Photoshop has a "Quick Mask Mode"?


                                                  It's a mask! It might ALSO be a selection, but it is most definitely a mask.

                                                  No, it's a selection. There's a special mode to permit it to behave like a mask, for the purposes of manipulating it with painting tools. But it's a selection. Masks are masks.


                                                  Layers remain active, even though there's a selection as well. That lets you know there's a difference between an active thing and a selected thing.

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                                                    sfjedi Newcomer

                                                    I guess I don't understand the distinction because if I have a selection and paint on a layer, it only effects the selected area of that layer. To me, that's the whole purpose of "masking tape" and such.

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                                                      Reynolds (Mark) Champion

                                                      Photoshop basics lesson 101: You obviously haven't even dicovered layer masks Jed? Thats what masking means in Photoshop - as I tried to say before, hiding or revealing.


                                                      In Photoshop you can have areas masked and selected at the same time. Masks (either raster or VECTOR masks), can embedded within each other. Selections (and masks of course) can be swapped with each other, and if necessary manipulated completely independant of content. Content can also be raster or vector, and is completely separate to masks.

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                                                        sfjedi Newcomer

                                                        Reynolds (Mark) wrote:


                                                        Photoshop basics lesson 101: You obviously haven't even dicovered layer masks Jed? Thats what masking means in Photoshop - as I tried to say before, hiding or revealing.


                                                        I'm 100% aware and comfortable with layer masks. Corel has the same thing too.


                                                        My point is that masks don't only perform the one hiding function you mention. Masks are also intended to prevent other elements from being altered. And selections? That's exactly what they do is prevent other elements from being altered. Not all "masking" in the artistic sense actually hides content. There is such a thing as a transparent mask.

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                                                          Reynolds (Mark) Champion

                                                          Yes shift click on your layer mask to disable it. Its still there, just invisible

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                                                            Reynolds (Mark) Champion

                                                            Perhaps something along these lines might be more in order Jed.


                                                            http://www.amazon.co.uk/Photoshop-CS4-Bible-Stacy-Cates/dp/0470345179 - a starting point at least

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                                                              sfjedi Newcomer

                                                              Reynolds (Mark) wrote:


                                                              Perhaps something along these lines might be more in order Jed.


                                                              http://www.amazon.co.uk/Photoshop-CS4-Bible-Stacy-Cates/dp/0470345179 - a starting point at least


                                                              Please, spare me the condescension. We disagree on the definition of the word "mask." So be it.

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                                                                sfjedi Newcomer

                                                                One of my classmates was having a hard time understanding the importance of this request as well, which led me to create a scenario that would help better understand it. Here's the scenario:


                                                                Let's say you've been assigned to create an ad for something, anything, and that you must use a particular stock photo for this ad. You open this stock photo and start playing around with some ideas, but you have another idea. You don't want to throw away your first idea, but you have a new one, so you open the photo again and now you're throwing ideas between two documents.


                                                                The stock photo is pretty big so you're working with both document maximized within PS and you switch tabs when you want to see another.


                                                                Let's say you have more and more different idea paths and you now have like 7 documents open, all with the same stock photo. Then, on the 7th document you have this logo thing that you created and you think it would be really great on the other 6 documents as well. Thing is, the logo also has this text thing that works really well with it. So you group the logo and the text into it's own layer group and prepare to copy the contents of this layer group into the other 6 documents.


                                                                If my feature request were implemented, this would be extremely easy! You would just copy the layer group. Click on tab 1, paste, tab 2, paste, tab 3, paste, etc. It takes 5 seconds!


                                                                If anyone has a Photoshop solution that can be done quicker than 5 seconds, please speak up!

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                                                                  Reynolds (Mark) Champion

                                                                  Yep, again there's a photoshop solution that is quicker, and doesn't even require multiple keyboard shortcuts. You tile the documents, and SHIFT drag the layer set, from the correct source document into each. Tiling is easily achieved from the Application frame.


                                                                  And there's an even better way - potentially CHANGEABLE content like this should ideally be set up as Smart Object. In this way its possible to modify the Smart Object, using a command called "Replace Content…". This Replace Content can be set up to use a separate external file, and is Actionable meaning that in the press of a single key you can update your content file. So a single change to any element of yoru file can then be executed on all your documents with the press of a single key. Its also possible using this method, to have muliple instances  of it in your document.

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                                                                    sfjedi Newcomer

                                                                    I'm not gonna' lie. That's pretty bad@ss, but I knew you were going to say to tile the documents. That was the only solution I could come up with myself too, but I'd still rather have this 2nd way of doing it. I never tile my documents because I think it looks messy and I like to just work with one document at a time, maximized, if at all possible.

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                                                                      sfjedi Newcomer

                                                                      Reynolds (Mark) wrote:


                                                                      Photoshop basics lesson 101: You obviously haven't even dicovered layer masks Jed?


                                                                      Actually, I'm glad you brought that up because Photoshop stole the concept of layer masks from Corel PHOTO-PAINT. PP was at version 8 when PS was at version 5.



                                                                      Some other things PP had before PS:


                                                                      1. PP had floating Objects before PS had layers (they are the same thing)
                                                                      2. PP had unlimited multiple levels of undo while PS only had 1 undo.
                                                                      3. PP had lenses before PS had styles (these were both based on methods to incorporate non-destructive alterations to objects/layers and to the image) .
                                                                      4. PP had clip masks before PS had layer masks (again, same thing)
                                                                      5. PP had a Paint on Mask Mode before PS had Quick Mask


                                                                      Unfortunately, PP hasn't really kept up with the pace in recent years.

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                                                                        miss_marple Pioneer

                                                                        Hello, I know it's two weeks since last post. But the discussion was very fascinating to me, because like Jed I'm a user of Photopaint and Photoshop.


                                                                        Jed is mostly right and Reynolds, Harry ect. would better understand if they ever had worked with Corel Photopaint. [Off topic: Let's compare Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw, the result would be a funny discussion too]


                                                                        In Photopaint the pixels on a layer are automatically selected if you click on them with the move tool, there's no need of  "marching ants" or Ctrl-Click. Using one of the Photopaint masking tools you will create a mask, with some selection-like qualities. Oh, I remember the days - I often struggled with these and other differences!


                                                                        Unlike Jed I love the "Ctrl-D" for Deselect far better than the "Ctrl-R" in Photopaint, but I miss the Ctrl-D of Photopaint for "Duplicate" and hate the Ctrl-J of Photoshop, because I almost can't reach the J key with my forefinger. So you have to live with compromises. :-)




                                                                        PS: If you come from Photoshop or Photopaint and be forced by someone to work with PhotoImpact (previously owned by Ulead, now by Corel) you instantly would go incurably crazy within one hour.

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                                                                          sfjedi Newcomer

                                                                          And I will never complain about Ctrl+D or Ctrl+J because you can remap them to any Ctrl+Letter combination you want! It's the things you can't remap, the things that are totally impossible, or the things that take too many steps that are a thorn in my side.

                                                                          • 34. Re: Layers: Copy, Cut and Paste

                                                                            I have the impression that, in permitting the copy/cut of layers the way you propose, it would create an interface paradox for Photoshop.


                                                                            The paradox would be: if we allow that to happen, so should we also permit copying/cutting of channels, styles, presets, history states, swatches & etc?

                                                                            Weird enough (come to think of it), it works with paths, though.... Well, maybe thats what's stopping them from applying this feature to the layers. Try this: open both palettes, paths and layers. Create an image with a layer and a path. Then select the layer in the palette. Then select a path in the palette. Copy (or Cut). There it goes: the feature you want, but in the wrong palette ;-) Easy does paths.... but then again, paths aren't as troublesome as pixels....


                                                                            As I see things, basically (in PS and AI, dunno 'bout other apps), items that appear inside the palletes are off-limits for common OS operations like Copy/Cut/Paste. For such operations, you'd use the corresponding palette menu.


                                                                            I guess it has something to do with keeping the whole UI uniform, without "rebel palettes behaving differently from others" (well, we already have one: paths! Maybe thay don't want another?) And also, it keeps things intuitive and simple. Think about it: If you have so many possible recipients for the contents on the clipboard, visual hinting for the place where you actually want to put it becomes totally troublesome (imagine someone with 3 monitors, 2 of them filled with open PS palletes:

                                                                            "Allright, I want to paste this thingie I got in the clipboard.....



                                                                            (eyes desperately scanning the monitors and neck pain mounting....)

                                                                            ...ah! gotcha, here it goes


                                                                            Shucks! Dropped in the wrong place?!?!? Argh!



                                                                            THAT would be a hassle. I don't want that. It's not always that I know what's in the clipboard (I remember AI had a feature like that, kind'a "Show Clipboard Contents" - (Hey, it's another request to make'em devs!)


                                                                            On a different topic:

                                                                            Some while ago, I was struggling to delete some 30+ masks I had in this PS doc of mine. Man, HOW I WISHED to be able to CMD-select all those channels and delete'em all in one whoop. At that time, I got really pissed and wrote a feature request (I guess it was for CS2) about multiple channel deletion in the channels palette. After some ranting I cooled down and started thinking straight, so I figured: if they don't put auxiliary channels on a separate palette, or don't make clear the separation between color channels and auxiliary channels, we're never going to be able to delete multiple channels, 'cos doing that just don't make sense (you can select multiple channels, but can't delete them. Something to do with color channels? Guess it would be weird, but don't know for certain as to why. Would some Photoshop-Guru enlighten us?


                                                                            Reading carefully your posts, I understand that you don't like to shuffle windows. So here's a tip, in case the devs won't listen to you:

                                                                            Create a new Action and assign a function key (i.e. F2) to it.

                                                                            On the Actions Palette, select it and, on the Actions Palette Menu, assign a menu item to the action. Choose "Layer>Duplicate Layer..." Then you can select a layer or a group (works with both), hit F2 and then choose the destination of the duplication among all open documents. You can even create a new doc containing only the duplication's content.

                                                                            It's not as you'd like, but quite close to it.

                                                                            • 35. Re: Layers: Copy, Cut and Paste
                                                                              Bert Adams

                                                                              Hello All,


                                                                              Related issue.

                                                                              I can't copy a layer.

                                                                              Any layer from one document.

                                                                              I can select the layer, and drag it into another PS doc.

                                                                              But I can't "Copy" it. The Copy option on the edit menu is grayed out.

                                                                              What's up? How do I get it so that copy is no longer grayed out??


                                                                              I'm ultimately trying to copy layers into Dreamweaver. But the hold up is being able to copy something from Photoshop, and right now that's seems to be blocked some how.





                                                                              • 36. Re: Layers: Copy, Cut and Paste
                                                                                c.pfaffenbichler Legend

                                                                                I guess You must perform Select All (command-A) or any Select for that.

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                                                                                  harry teasley Newcomer

                                                                                  Wow, getting email updates for ressurected aluminum zombie threads from beneath the hollow Earth.


                                                                                  Bert, read the thread, and you'll find your issue was covered: it was, in fact, the purpose of the thread. The whole discussion revolves around why things don't behave the way you're expecting them to behave.

                                                                                  • 38. Re: Layers: Copy, Cut and Paste
                                                                                    Bert Adams Newcomer

                                                                                    Hello Harry,


                                                                                    OK, I've read this whole post over (Twice), and I can't find the answer to how I'm supposed to be able to copy a layer from Photoshop. I can drag a layer into another Photoshop doc, but can't "Copy" it. (Edit>Copy, Control C, etc).

                                                                                    Purpose is to copy a layer into Dreamweaver. All the books say this should work. Only problem is that I can't copy a layer from a Photoshop Doc. I can "Select" it by clicking on the layer, (It highlights).


                                                                                    What is the solution to this?

                                                                                    Why can't a layer be copied?, or what need to happen to this PS doc to make it so layers can be copied??

                                                                                    Is there some other way that a single layer needs to be selected?





                                                                                    • 39. Re: Layers: Copy, Cut and Paste
                                                                                      harry teasley Newcomer

                                                                                      You need to read more carefully. You'll find several posts that outline the difference between an "active" object and a "selected" object. Layers can be active, but not selected. Their contents can be selected.


                                                                                      This really couldn't be clearer, if you read the thread.

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