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    Captivate 4 output Swf won't load extrenal linked swf on local computer




      My company is using Captivate 4 for e-learning development and I am having a problem loading the animation for a module on my local computer.  I have Flash player 10 on my local computer and ei, firefox, safari, and google chrome installed as web browsers.  I also have Flash CS3 Pro.  When I try to play the swf that was output by Captivate 4 - which has an external swf file it is pulling in that was created with CrazyTalk- the animation won't play.  The sound plays but none of the animation -even a simple text fade in effect.  Even after I published the Module locally from Captivate 4 it wouldn't run the animation.  This seems to be only a problem on my local computer - the content is running fine on an ftp server, on the developers test site and on our development computer.  It also runs if I open it in Flash CS 3 itself on my local computer.


      I have updated my Java to the newest version and just uninstalled and reinstalled Flash player 10 - I also set the Flash player permissions/settings to "Allow" and upped my local storage etc.  I was hoping someone might tell me if I have some setting blocked that is preventing me from loading the animation - this is happening right from the swf and also in all the browsers I open it with.  The static content/screen one loads, as well as the sound, but will not run the animation.