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    Parse error at '<mx:dataProvider>'




      i have a problem in my flex project.i'm using Flex3 but i use Flex2 for compiler...when i make a combobox like this:


          <mx:ComboBox itemRenderer="mx.controls.Label" width="236">
                  <mx:Object label="1"/>
                  <mx:Object label="2"/>


      i always have an error message like " Parse error at '<mx:dataProvider>'"


      can you help me for this????


      thank you...

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          *Prashant Shelke* Level 4

          I think you have not specified data for Object

          <mx:Object label="1" data="1" />

          referr this:

          <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?>
          <mx:Application xmlns:mx=”http://www.adobe.com/2006/mxml”   xmlns:fx=”com.theriabook.controls.*”>
              <mx:ArrayCollection id=”comboData”>
                      <mx:Object label=”New York”   data=”NY”/>
                      <mx:Object   label=”Connecticut” data=”CT”/>
                      <mx:Object label=”Illinois”   data=”IL”/>
              <mx:Label text=”Current bound value is ‘{cbx_1.value}’ ” />
              <fx:ComboBox id=”cbx_1″ value=”IL” width=”150″ dataProvider=”{comboData}”/>


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            BennyBeta Level 4

            What you have looks like it should work, but I don't have a Flex 2 compiler handy, so maybe try this:


                 <mx:Array id="theData">
                     <mx:Object label="1"/>
                     <mx:Object label="2"/>

                <mx:ComboBox itemRenderer="mx.controls.Label" width="236" dataProvider="{theData}">



            Does that help at all?


            Ben Edwards