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    List of Desirable/Missing Components

    rinse Level 1

      Obviously, the DataGrid is missing, as are any video controls... but what are some of your fave Flex/Flash components that aren't in Flash Catalyst?

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          Why is there no tree? ;-)

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            RossRitchey Level 4

            1. There is no Tree component anymore.   The DataList has all of the functionality you will need to build a tree.


            2. I don't think its a matter of listing out the components that we like in Flash Builder (Flex) that we want in Catalyst - It is a matter of the Catalyst team getting ALL of the components in Flash Builder (Flex) in Catalyst and enabling TRUE round-tripping between the two.

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              njadobe2 Adobe Employee

              Hi--actually, this isn't quite correct:


              1. Data List isn't a complete replacement for Tree--it doesn't support collapsing/expanding sets of items currently.


              2. In Flash Catalyst 1.0, you'll definitely be able to convert artwork to more components--for example, checkboxes and radiobuttons. However, it's likely that we won't have support for Tree or DataGrid in the first release of FC. Of course, we hope to get those in as soon as we can in a future release.





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                Hilary Bridel

                Can't build anything meaningful without a combobox/dropdown or datagrid.

                I don't thing we will purchase Catalyst until it has a full list of components :-(

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                  An "onLoad State" option could be useful.

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                    Other than video support (which is huge for me as my demos need to be standalone executables), I think there could be another work view implemented in this application. Aside from the code and design views, a flow view would be an excellent tool. Maybe the functionality could be limited or this could be a great place for annotations. The ability to export a meaningful flow map would be a very powerful addition.


                    My 2 cents after a few hours of playing around a little. A lot of potential here though.

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                      i'd like more text options, left right center justify, and of course multiple lines of text all in one box with wrap.  also something like an spreadsheet where you you can have values stored off screen and other cells can be functions of those and then you can integrate the results by calling the value of the cell within your prototype.  i know that's a terrible description, i'm sorry.

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                        Kevin Rommen

                        even without a great set of components Catalyst will boost your productivity in creating a solid application base to work with. It saves you a lot of time in Flash Builder. If look at the hours you'll save it will probably be worth your while..... And extra, the stuff you didn't find in Catalyst you code through Flash Builder.


                        Also, i'm beginning to think that rome WAS build in ONE day. Most of the people i talk with are bugging and ******** on the lack of features. Do they think Adobe has a magic wand or something? Do they think that quality programs just emerge from nothing? A product needs time to develop, grow, just like a little child.

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                          bruce_adobe Adobe Employee

                          There will definitely be more text options added to Catalyst 1.0. Stay tuned!


                          - Bruce

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                            Is it possible to add a little st (smooth transition) icon in the State Transitions just to confirm tha you've used it without having to click on it to actually see the transition. The reason why I am asking is because they will be time when something is not animating right and that leaves you checking all your state transition layers mking sure that it has been utilized... Just thinking that this method might bring an end to confusion.

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                              Speaking from a designer's standpoint, why can't there be some simple interactivity built into Catalyst:

                              Two things come to mind easily: linking to other web pages (relative or full url) & form submission (creation of simple form submissions with html or php scripts built-in)  There are lots of times where the designer should be able to add simple coding links without having to rely on a developer or Flash Builder.


                              Please give us these simple coding capabilities or show us simple code we can implement ourselves - it should be about ease of use.


                              Thanks,  Bill