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    Colours do not Print correctly with Photoshop CS4


      I am using the Adobe Master Collection CS4, and use an Epson RX650 printer, but for the life of me I cannot get Photoshop to print what is on the screen.

      The prints are dark, and no where near the ones on the screen.


      I am using genuine Epson Ink, and Premium glossy paper, so as to remove this issue, is this a case of my screen needing to be calibrated?


      I have considered buying the Spyde Studio calibrator to ensure that this is correct, (do I need to?) and I have read as much as I can about setting up Adobe to manage the print settings and colours, but still no luck.


      My current settings are as follows


      In Adobe Bridge, my creative suit color settings are set to Europe General Purpose 2

      The in Adobe Photoshop (version 11.0.1) I am selecting under colour management, Document Adoby RGB (1998), Photoshop handles colours, Printer profile is Epson sRGB Colour Space, Rendering intent is Relative Colourimetric, and I have ticked the following boxs, Blackpoint compensation, Match print colours, Gamut warning and Show paper white.


      Can some one please advise me?

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          Curt Y Level 7

          I am pretty weak in this area, but check you settings so PS handles the color settings rather than the printer.


          There are many posts on color problems, here is one which should give you some other thoughts.



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            rogleale Level 2

            I would bet that your screen is too bright. Is it an LCD?    This seems to be the main reason for prints being too dark.  I had to reduce the brightness of my Samtron to 30% to get a match.



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              luckyruby4 Level 1

              Thanks, But I have double checked all these settings, I will read the link you sent me to see if there is more help out there.

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                luckyruby4 Level 1

                Hi Roger

                Yes, it is a LCD, I am running a HPw2408 as my main screen and a Hyundai L90D+ for my work screen, and I have tried all sorts of software screen calibration, because I thought the screen brightness may be an issue, but even the photos I have taken my self, (so I know the exposure is spot on) still come out dark and some times murky no matter how I manage the colour.

                I am 90% positive that I need to buy the Spyder Studio to calibrate my screen so I can then rule out that part.


                What bugs me is the advancements of technology, and software such as Adobe, which I think is great, but the printing of photos with correct colour seems to have got harder.


                This has been going on for 2 months now, I have read every thing I can get my hands on about screen calibration, colour management and printing, I have even brought Photoshop CS4 for Dummies, all in an effort to try to understand these colour settings etc, (I know a lot now but none of it works so its usless info to have :-))


                I am positive that I when I find the solution, it will be one of theo AHHH so thats it! moments.

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                  First and foremost you need to hardware calibrate your monitor, Spyder will do fine. Your colour space needs to be set to Adobe RGB 1998 at camera level if you intend to print with an inkjet (sRGB is best for Web and veiwing on a monitor). When you import your images into Bridge or CS4 your working space must be set to the same ie:-Adobe RGB 1998. Set your print so that Photoshop manages colour, then in the box that asks for Printer Profile you put the Epson Paper profile, not sRGB.So if you are using an Epson glossy paper then thats the profile  to use. Dont forget to turn off the colour management for the print driver in the Epson printer properties before you print.  If you are shooting RAW then it does'nt matter what colour space you set the camera to as this can be set in ACR or any RAW converter. If after calibraiting your monitor your prints are way to dark then try a white luminance of 50 or 60. Remember that prints are reflective and monitors transmit light so your viewing of prints need to be under good daylight type lighting.

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                    rogleale Level 2

                    Ok!   We all know that you should calibrate the monitor but this controls the colours seen on the screen but this calibration  does often not set the monitor brightness. What is white luminance?  Screen brightness?   The most common cause of dark prints is the monitor being too bright and/or the ambient viewing light being too bright.  Get this right first and then calibrate the screen for colour.



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                      getho Level 2

                      I think your printer workflow may be wrong, too. (But also calibrate your monitro!)


                      Try setting color handling to: photoshop manages color, printer profile as the paper profile relevant for your printer (should be available from epson eg  on my printer "epson 7600 enhanced matte mk".  I usually use the perceptual rendering intent, but it wont make much difference.


                      In you printer driver choose the correct paper and the option that corresponods to "no colour adjustment".  On both epson printers I have this workflow produces a print preview with distorted colors, but it prints fine.  Epson has some materials about workflow available.


                      I spent days getting the workflow right when I first got an epson, I dont use this workflow anymore as I've made my own paper profiles, but it should be a good starting point.

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                        luckyruby4 Level 1

                        Hi and Thanks fro the tips, I will get a screen calibrator, and paly around with the suggestions to see how it works.

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                          William LaMartin Level 1

                          I too have had problems with prints being much darker than what I see on screen.


                          Below is my solution which works fairly well for color prints--not as well for grayscale.


                          I used the huey Pro monitor calibrator purchased only a couple of months back to make my prints look right and be consistent.


                          1.       Use the huey to calibrate the monitor

                          2.       From Photoshop (CS4), I select the ICC profile for my Epson 2200 printer and the paper being used.  I then set up soft proofing in Photoshop (in the View menu) which allows me to see on screen how the image will be printed. Usually it is a bit darker than I like.

                          3.       so I adjust the brightness such that in the soft proof view, the image appears as I wish. 

                          4.       There is more yet to do in that you have to set various settings for the print process like letting Photoshop manage colors, setting no color adjustment for the printer. And a few more minor settings  regarding the printer


                          By the way, there is something wrong with the print driver for the 2200 in XP so that when you come to the last screen before printing, the print preview has a very red tint.  You simply ignore that since the print has none of that.  This is in XP.  Possibly Windows Vista has a driver that doesn’t do that.


                          This has given me good quality consistent prints the first time they are printed—at least on the few I have done since getting the huey