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    Lookig for Best Method to create DataGrid using RemoteObject

    Jim Daniel Level 1

      I am looking for the best method to create a DataGrid that uses as its dataProvider a bind-able object created by remote object.  Where things go a little off from the examples is that several of the dataColumns need to have the data provided by remoteObject translated from a numeric value to a text string.  This string is found in another table of the DataBase, so a second query needs to be done.  What I'd like to know is if the best method for doing this is to construct an object that has all of the data I need for the grid before it is used in the DataGrid or can I do this dynamically?

      If I do need to build the dataProvicer Object in the correct format, numeric translated to text, using a function called by the onComplete of the DataGrid?  Or do I need to do this before I create the dataGrid?