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    Create auto redirect at end of flash video

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      Am trying to see if anyone has any links or resources where I can learn to setup a flash video file where it automatically redirects to another URL such as a sales page at the conclusion of the video. I also would like to find out how to have a link/overlay at the end of the video where a viewer can click to go to another URL such as a sales page.


      I am not a prgrammer by profession but do work in Flash and I am willing to try this given the right learning resources. Not sure if both or either of these tasks is done in the flash file or in some type of java script on the html page. I have seen this done by this company ( http://www.webvideozone.com/public/280.cfm) but you have to subscribe to their service using their control panel and they limit the number of players you can create.


      I have Flash 8, Flash CS3 and Flash CS4 if needed for this project.


      ANY help that anyone can offer would be SO greatly appreciated.

      Thanks SO much!


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          OK...I did a better search in these forums, and I do see some suggestions on how to do the auto-redirect using getURL.


          As for the other question of how to have an overlay link that will go to another URL when clicked at the end of the video...If the video is placed on the timeline, can I just place an transparent overlay on the last frame of the video with getURL("pagename.html") that when the viewer clicks it will go to the sales page URL? Will this only work if the FLV video is in the timeline using the FLV Playback component?


          If so, any way to do this using the Progressive Download from web server option?