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    Will there be another beta?

    BorekB Level 1

      I was just wondering, is this Flash Builder beta the only one planned? Or will we see beta 2 or some kind of RC?




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          Hi Borek,

          We're focusing on getting feedback on this pre-release now.  Might I ask why you're wondering about other betas?


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            BorekB Level 1

            Hi Tim,


            I'm trying to use FB4 for my current SDK 3.x projects (targetting AIR 1.5) and I've hit some problems here and there - sometimes, FB seems to be constantly compiling and restart is the only solution, ASDoc tooltips don't work on SDK 3.x projects etc. The product overall seems very beta quality (which is no surprise for a _beta_ release ) but still, I love some of the new features and am wondering if I need to wait for the final release or if there would be another preview release that I could try for my day to day development.



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              George Comninos Adobe Employee

              Hi Borek,

              I'm curious about the issue with constant compiling...are you able to reproduce it pretty consistently? What kind of projects are you creating (AS, Flex, AIR, servers, etc)? Any more information you can give me about that issue to help us reproduce it would be very helpful.



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                Jason San Jose Adobe Employee

                I'd also be curious about the constant compiling issue. We've seen some issues with FlexUnit and multiple compiles.


                Jason San Jose

                Quality Engineer, Flash Builder

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                  BorekB Level 1


                  My application targets AIR 1.5 and was developed using Flex SDK 3.3. I simply imported the project into the FB4 workspace at which point it alerted me that the project format will be upgraded from FB3 to FB4. I clicked OK, everything went fine and I started using FB4. Only today, in reaction to your posts, I actually inspected the .actionsScriptProperties file because I wanted to send it to you. I've found out this weird thing:


                  Even though in the FB4 project properties, the SDK was correctly set to "Flex 3.4", I couldn't see a mention of it in the .actionScriptProperties file. I created an empty SDK 3.4 project in FB4 and indeed, there was a <compiler flexSDK="Flex 3.4" … /> as expected. In my project properties, though, this was missing. I'm not sure how could my FB4 possibly remember that my project is 3.4 and not 4.0? Weird to me.


                  I've manually fixed the .actionScriptProperties file and will see if it help during my today's development.


                  Other than that, my project is fairly standard. Here is a comparison to the default .actionScriptProperties that FB4 creates for a new project: http://twitpic.com/73sn9 (my project file on the left side, standard project file on the right). My project uses many small classes, not a monolithic ones. Typically, my View classes are tens of lines of MXML, the delegate all the user events to Presenters which are again fairly small (tens of lines of code) and then I have model classes. My project is quite small, about 100 MXML and ActionScript files.


                  Regarding FlexUnit, I have some testing classes in my project but they are using fluint and nothing was generated by FB4's new unit testing features.


                  When I see the constant compilation issue? I can't see a pattern, I just noticed last time that it happened when I pressed save on a file (which started compilation) and then immediately pressed "launch debug session".


                  Constant recompiling looks like it works from 0 to 25% and then it goes back to 0%. Sometimes, this range is different, like 30 - 49%.


                  Overall, compilation seems slower than in FB3 which is unexpected - the compiler should be much quicker in FB4, shouldn't it?. So I guess something is compiling over and over which might be slowing things down?


                  Please let me know if you want any other information.




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                    George Comninos Adobe Employee

                    Regarding the SDK version: if you have your project set to "Use the default SDK", it will not save the SDK name in the project's actionScriptProperties file...it will use the SDK that is set to be the default in your Flash Builder Preferences. If you explicitly specify the SDK to use in the project properties, then it saves the name of the SDK to use.