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    flex Spring BlazeDS Integration with Hibernate.

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                          I am  develping a flex application  using the new SpringBlazeDs concept  with hibernate.   I am loading different Screens as module, during runtime.





      I have 2 Screens one is User Management and other is Employee Management.   I have  corresponding Action script class , binded with remote java class.


      User  is a  child of Employee ,  now in my User class I have  Employee as a property.


      When on server   I fetch the user object, hibernate will fetch the Employee detail also and it is sent to flex thru blazeDs.


      In user Screen I have the user details displayed, with emplyoee name from employee object displayed.


      In Employee Screen I have employee details displayed.


      The strange thing is all works fine in the module which is loaded first, but when I Load the second screen(second module) as a child in tabnavigator .

      The details are missing


      I am new to flex, so i am not sure, what is the problem,   I really need help. if any one need the complete code, I can send it or upload it.


      If what i have explained is not clear Please  let me know , so I will provide more information


      I have attached the complete source exculding the library and jars.


      Please help me