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    magenta cast on 50d's sRAWs

    jacekolszewski Level 1

      is it possible that nobody noticed it? I used to use LR for managing all my photos, as i only shoot RAW. recently i've changed the camera though to Canon's 50D. I was looking forward to it's 7.1Mpx sRAW mode dor casual photos and full resolution for bigger projects. Unfortunately it lasted very shortly. Is it possible that nobody noticed strong magenta cast on bigger (7.1) sRAW files? Acctually if you shoot three photos - RAW, sRAW1 and sRAW2 each of them will look somehow different. Canon has already corrected this mistake in their DPP (it looked exactly the same there) but i still want to use LR for all the worklflow and things. Now i'm forced to use huge RAWs (at least 20MB each) instead of handy sRAWs.


      Please do something with it,



      ps. i'm writing this as the issue still hasn't changed even though ACR 5.4 RC was released :/