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    How to make the Robohelp7 context-sensitive part work in Robohelp8?

    Izabella Ford

      Dear all,


      I'm dealing with the robohelp7-to-robohelp8 upgrade, and my task is to upgrade the server part (while there's another teammate to work on the authoriing part).  For the context-sensitive portion with robohelp7 in the past, the application passed the content-sensitive parameters into the URL "//<server>/robo/bin/robo.dll" (where "<server>" is the webserve name) to display the context-sensitive help page.  Now with robohelp8, please let me know the way to make the context-sensitive work.  Cuz seems like robo.dll no longer exists in the robohelp8 version.


      Thanks in advanced for all your inputs.