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    Deleted Source File....Help.


      Hello folks,
      I think I am screwed but I thought I would try to get some help on this one. I am using the older Premiere 7 (Prem Pro 1.0) and spent hours editing my latest project. I was needing to clear disk space before I exported and went on a delete frenzy on my hard drive and stupidly erased the source file avi. Attempts to retrieve it using shadowexplorer have been fruitless so I have tried to emulate the exact settings of the original source file and created a `new` version of it, even naming it the same as the original. Premiere does accept the new source file but after re-rendering, the red `media offline` graphic remains in the program window. There is no audio or video playback, just the miserable `media offline` graphic. Is there anything I can do to get Premiere to accept the new source file as the original and subsequently restore my project to it`s fully edited existence? Thanks in advance,