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    Large Project, Looming Deadline and Premiere's acting up...


      I am a student, and annually I film my school's musical twice, as there are alternating casts. This year I used three cameras, and after a day I was editing. This morning (Sunday) the edit of Friday 12th performance was finished. Thre are two acts to the musical and each lasts about one hour, the  total project length is just under two hours.


      I decided to export each act as a separate .m2v file and import it into encore, however after three hours of 'encoding'  there was no apparent progress.


      By now, premiere is acting up; adding a simple cross fade freezes the program for a few minutes. I tried to use dynamic link to import the two sequences (two acts), but it instantly froze Encore.


      I have until the end of the week to get these two projects done, and I can't get past the final hurdle of the first project!


      Two of the cameras are .avi files, the other .m2v - SD PAL Widescreen

      There are no complex effects applied to clips, no after effects comps.

      All software is up to date.

      System is Intel Core 2 Quad, 3GB RAM, 300GB Internal HD, 500GB + 250GB External HDD.

      Windows vista (x32), Home Prem, all updates installed.


      Please, I need help ASAP. I recognise this is a big project and will take time.




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          Eddie Lotter Level 4

          Welcome to the forums.

          Have you tried exporting to DV AVI and importing that into Encore?


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            sah1510 Level 1

            I'm doing that as I write!


            I would like this to be done ASAP, as I still have the other performance to edit, so I'm trying to best judge between the export taking a long time because it's a big job or AME not working properly.


            I don't normally work with big projects like this, and until now I haven't had many issues with CS4.


            Fingers crossed! I will write back with any developments.










            EDIT - 15:00


            I just went back to the computer to check it, the export is over 50% complete (I ticked 'Use Preview Fies', which seems to do wonders). I will do the same for Act2, only problem is that I will have to re-enter chapter markers, am I correct? Or is there an easy way to transfer markers from Premiere to Encore?





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