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    Advice Reinstalling CS3


      Can anyone help please.


      I have CS3 installed and it seems to leak memory as the programme grinds to a halt. System resources suggest I have more than ample ram.

      A recent thread in the forum suggested that this could be a plug-in such as Topaz or Nik which is doing the damage. To test this theory I disabled the add-ins and this had no effect.


      I don't have the problems with CS2 which is still on my system.


      Someone else who also had this problem and reported to the forum was told to install an uptodate patch and this might work. In his c ase it did. In mine not.


      Another suggestion was to install CS4 and this might correct the problems. I have purchased the upgrade and it is ready for installation but I am now advised to start again with a clean reinstallation.


      If anyone has any more intelligence on the matter I would love to hear from you.


      Also I am scared that my legitimately purchased upgrades over the years from LE onwards may not be recogised.


      Question - I have an upgrade disk for version 7, CS, CS2, CS3 and now CS4. With a reinstallation which is the disk I boot from and what precautions should I take regarding licence numbers.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          First, welcome to the forum.


          Second, two references puzzle me. The first is contained here:


          A recent thread in the forum suggested that this could be a plug-in such as Topaz or Nik which is doing the damage


          The second is the reference to "LE." There have been many versions of Pr offered over the years, but I do not recall an LE version. Could have just missed it though.


          Are you talking about Photoshop, or Premiere? I do not think that NIK has ever done a plug-in for Pr, and only PS. If I am correct, and this is a Photoshop question, you'll want to post to the Photoshop Forum. If it is Premiere, about which you're asking, what plug-ins do you have for it?


          Also, other than very slight memory leaks, PrPro CS3 has been reported to be very stable. I'd first look to all other loaded and running Processes in Task Manager>Processes. One, or more, of these is likely your culprit. Now, PS requires far fewer resources, than does PrPro, but it would still be a good idea to trim down all unnecessary running Processes to clean up your system.


          Good luck, and let us know about your running Processes and plug-ins, if you do mean PrPro CS3.



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            wilkster99 Level 1

            Hi Hunt


            Firstly I love your screen name. Trying to sort out my problem with Photoshop has encouraged me to sample a bit myself!


            Oh dear, I probably haven't made myself clear. I simply have CS3 not premiere.


            The LE version is simply Limited Edition. Photoshop 5 became full version to 6 and so on.


            My starting point for loss of computer memory was to visit the task manager and there is ample unused capacity and no significant overloads. It has baffled my computer expert who set up a memory diagnostic test over 50 hours off a boot disk this weekend to see whether  there was a fault with the hardware. No fault was found.


            If there is anything else you can think of that I might try I would love to hear from you but in the menatime thanks so much for your positive response.




            Re-reading your e it seems I should be in the Photoshop forum. Would you mind if I send our exchange here as well, assuming I can do it?

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              John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Yes, it seems you should be at Photoshop http://forums.adobe.com/community/photoshop/photoshop_windows


              Since Photoshop and Premiere are completely different products, sending anything here really will be no help

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                the_wine_snob Level 9



                I cannot think of any memory (RAM, or Virtual), that I have ever had with PS, going back to ver. 2.5 decades ago. It has always been a wonderful program, and I did not have my first crash until a few months ago. I also have worked on some mega-files in that time, such as triple-truck 1000 ppi images with tons of Layers. The one crash came when Java tried to update, while I had PS open - thought I'd turned every possible auto-update off, but missed Java somehow.


                I know that does not help you in the least, but indicates that I've never seen issues, such as you mention.


                I would post to the PS forum, as someone might be familiar with your issue and can help you directly, with either an Adobe KB article, or link to a similar issue on the forum.


                Good luck, and if you ever do get Premiere, we'll see you on this forum,



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                  wilkster99 Level 1

                  Hello Hunt


                  I greatly appreciate your time and trouble.


                  These forums are worthwhile. Without them you feel a bit lonely!



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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    I do agree. They allow me an outlet, while I have a 3 hour Render going on with the workstation. Have not played Spider Solitare much lately...






                    PS - good luck with your PS memory issue.