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    Create macro?

    Geoff Alexander

      Is it possible to create macros to perform repetative tasks in PE7?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          No. Not macros.


          However, you can create custom presets that will apply certain effects, motion paths or keyframed effects in a single click.


          What is it you're trying to accomplish?

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            Geoff Alexander Level 1

            As an example I want to deinterlace every individual HDV clip on my timeline which takes several clicks to achieve for each clip so I'd hoped to create a one click macro.

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              If you're using HDV footage from a tape-based camera in a project set up for HDV, your interlacing is already reversed -- which will give you a better quality output than deinterlacing it completely.


              But, if you want to deinterlace your output, you can always select your timeline and then go to File/Export/Movie, click the Settings button and then, at the option screen, select an output format (Quicktime, for instance) and set the deinterlacing option on the Keyframe and Rendering page.

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                Geoff Alexander Level 1

                Please give step by step delails for the following scenario

                Share to mpeg2 1440x1080

                At this stage there is no reference to de-interlacing. I've looked in the advanced menu but find nothing.


                When I output in this format to tape, direct to camcorder, I have no problem. It is only when I play the finished mpeg2 file back from the computer on a monitor or projector that I need the de-interlacing.

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                  Paul_LS Level 4

                  Yes to view on a monitor you will need to deinterlace... either when exporting or by selecting to deintetrlace in your media player.



                  To deinterlace for export from PE7 you can deinterlace your clips on the timeline by right clicking, Field Options, Always deinterlace. Then go to Share>Personal Computer>MPEG. Select the "MPEG2 Multimedia Compatible" preset, then go into Advanced. In Video select the "High 1440" for "Level". Then set the frame rate and frame size to 1440x1080, set the Pixel Aspect Ratio to 1.333 and for Field Order select None (Progressive).


                  You may not need to deinterlace on the timeline but i would try with and without and look at the difference.

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                    Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                    Why de-interlace an MPEG though? That's a bit like taking a shower with your socks on.


                    If your output is for display on a computer -- the main reason to deinterlace it -- then you'd more likely use a computer-based format, like a Quicktime file.


                    MPEGs are much more in the real of video for television display, which shouldn't be deinterlaced.

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                      Geoff Alexander Level 1

                      There is no choice in field option other than UPPER and LOWER. The is no NONE so I seem to be back where this question began.

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                        Geoff Alexander Level 1

                        The reason for de-interlacing and using the computer to play back the finished film is because I have the misfortune to own a Canon which takes brilliant pictures but (as has been mentioned many, many times in this forum) is unable to operate with Elements when it comes to outputting in HD format back to tape. For this reason, until I decide to buy an extarnal blue-ray writer for playback, I am having to display in public with a computer through a projector thus raising the de-interlacing issue.

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                          Paul_LS Level 4

                          There IS None... following my instructions from a few posts up...