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    load different sub menu for different pages

    North ABC Level 1

      I had a flash template with nav button menu and sub button menu, in flash player the menu and sub menu works for different pages, but sub menu do not work in web page, whatever page goes, it always load sub menu for home. i am new for flash,please help.


      The button as is like:

      on (rollOver) {    if (_root.link<>num) {this.gotoAndPlay("s1");}}
      on (releaseOutside, rollOut) {if (_root.link<>num) {this.gotoAndPlay("s2");    }}
      on (release) {
          if (_root.link<>num and _root.animation==1) {
              _root.link_prev = _root.link;
              _root.link = num;


      The attach file is the flash file: please rename the file type from.txt to .rar,since i can not upload the rar file!