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    Layer loop :@:@:@

      I've been using flash for... half a day now!!! And I am astonished how flexible it is. I can do everything that I needed to =).

      This is the fla, (No viruses... Scan it if you want ):


      Basically, there are 4 layers which scroll/rotate through the images at a set speed. The 5th layers has text which scrolls in saying Welcome.

      My problem is that I want the images to rotate/scroll on a loop, so they keep coming up. I want the text to stay there, and not scroll in every minute.

      I've tried everything from using stop(); (Which just stopped the entire animation) to changing the text to a graphic symbol and using play once/single frame (Which did nothing)

      I would love someones help. I don't want to be driven away from Flash already =(


      P.S. I can attach the fla is needs be..
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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you create the looping parts as a separate movieclip that you place on one layer of the timeline, you can have them continuously looping while the text on the main timeline just animates in and the main timeline has a stop() at the end.  To create that animating movieclip, copy the frames/layers of the looping stuff, create a new movieclip symbol, select the one keyframe in the empty movieclip and paste the frames in... the layers and frames will fill automatically.


          Then you just need to place that movieclip on a layer in the maintimeline and be sure it extends the length of the timeline.

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            tjcrazy Level 1

            Thanks a lot!!! It worked. I got another question, which I am not sure is possible =/.


            I am trying to get the same effect as the flash on http://www.eandms.co.uk this is my current swf: http://www.smooth-host.co.uk/EMS/Untitled-3.swf

            the colour I want to overlay is around #88989e On eandms, the flash is fully red, on mine it is not. I've tried the tint function, its not as effective =/



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              Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I haven't done it before myself, but one thing you probably need to do is convert your images to black and white rather than color photos.  That way you won't have other colors interfering with the desired overlay color.


              Another thing you might consider... those images look awfully crisp, meaning I don't think there's an overlay (would tend to subdue the crispness) involved as much as the images were doctored for the color effect.  The first one transitioning may be just a mask revealing the red one over a b&w one.