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    Easing function




      Is it possible to use custom easing function (or at least one of the functions defined in mx.effects.easing package) with spark effect?



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          Chet Haase Level 3

          No, the new effects require the new easing classes in spark.effects.easing.


          I do have a utility class somewhere that wraps the old functions in a new class, allowing you to bridge them. I plan on posting that to my blog sometime soon, if that would help.


          Are there particular easing functions that you're missing in the new world? I'm planning on offering more of them eventually, but it would be helpful to know which ones you find important.



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            _luke_* Level 1

            Thank you for the reply. I wanted to use power function with exponent being less then 1. The effect I was trying to achieve was rapid acceleration in the first stages of animation followed by reduced acceleration. I've been able to achieve the desired effect by using power function and setting easeInFraction to 0