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    Showing data from a web service in a DataGrid

      My web service returns a complex XML document (ie. not a "flat" one). I'm able to consume the web service and create an XMLList and XMLListCollection based on the return value. If I make parts of the XML simple ("flat") I'm also able to bind values into a DataGrid row. However, I haven't succeeded in trying to display XML attribute values in this same DataGrid or values from elements in other XML branches of the XML.

      So, I have an XML structure
      <se3 value="1"/>
      <se4 id="2">C</se4>

      I can easily display (A,B) in a DataGrid, but how about (A, B, 1, 2, C) in a single row?

      I can find a bit similar examples in the internet, but for some reason I can't make it work. I'm using web services from ActionScript with a handler, I imported WSDL into the project, I don't have any MXML WebService components (would they make a difference?), I haven't specified E4X anywhere (should I ?). I can display single attribute values in a normal text field.

      Could someone please tell me the trick or point some directions to look at. Thanks.