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    UserInteractionLevel and wscript (namespace problem?)




      My script connects to a WoodWing database and loops throught its documents, by checking them in and out.


      Either running the script from ID or calling ID from the script, it works basically both ways.


      However, the two different ways end both in a separate dead end:


      a) Running the vbs and starting ID with CreateObject("indesign.Application.CS3")
      - As soon as there are broken image links in the document, an alert box appears and the script cannot process further
      - setting myindesign.ScriptPreferences.UserInteractionLevel   = 1699640946 has no effect
      - requesting myindesign.ScriptPreferences.UserInteractionLevel results in the correct value, 1699640946. However, the alert still appears.


      b) Running the vbs from within ID
      - There is not any problem with alertboxes regarding broken image links, so setting myindesign.ScriptPreferences.UserInteractionLevel is this time successful
      - All properties and methods of wscript cannot be used (unknown wscript), so things like wscript.quit or WScript.Network are not possible.


      I'd like to proceed with version a). However, version b) would also be OK. Does anybody know to solve either a) or b)?

      Thanks in advance