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    John C., Please help if it's possible to restore the display name for Ken

    Saskatchewanobie Level 2



      This is a personal private message, everyone else please ignore.


      Dave Milbut has worked tirelessly trying to see if he could help me restore my user name as Ken Nielsen along with my little 5-letter password. I've only been able to log on here by making up a new moniker and password which was fortunate as most forums will not allow you to enter as a new user when you still have your old standard e-mail address. The process has been like swiss cheese: some things work, some have holes in them and are not really there (no cheese.)


      Whatever you can do, even to the point of advising me to leave everything as it is, would be appreciated. It would be nice to have my old name back. I think others here have had to change their names also but one thing at a time.


      You can contact Dave if you need the background history of his work on this over the past few weeks. Other than that, I'm out of ideas and need help.





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