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    Convert .MOV to .SWF!?


      hey there


      i have been pulling my hair out trying to figure this out!

      i went to upload a .flv and noticed newgrounds only supports .swf


      i cant seem to figure out how to convert this!
      i dont want to pay for addition programs either for i dont have the money and im sure there is a way with what i have.

      i have quicktime pro and i figured it would have this feature i cant seem to find it!?

      i do have flash cs3, flash video encoder, and adobe after effects. i tried with these but failed.

      i took my .mov ... brought it into flash video encoder...this application only converts to .flv ... - but, since its a .flv, i can now bring it into flash cs3 and export as a .swf file.


      i did this and it worked. the only problem was that the audio was choppy, and the video wasnt self contained. so if i deleted the other files and played the .swf by itself, it would just be white and blank. this is a problem when trying to upload to the web.

      i also tried bringing my .mov into after effects. i exported as a .swf which worked, only the video was choppy! clear picture, but skipped many frames! also the file sizes were HUGE...like 100mb.

      .swf files are usually 5MB for the web. after messing around with reducing quality in the after effects render settings, i got it down the lowest to 20mb...and the website i am uploading to limits to only 10mb!

      so after effects gives good picture quality but skips frames and has hige file sizes. flash has choppy audio and i cant seem to figure out how to make it self contained.


      someone mentioned trying to import as embedded...this is what happens

      when i go to import my .flv to flash it gives me different options (progressive, mobile, embed to timeline, etc.)

      when i click on embed to timeline, it warns that you should only choose this option if your clip has no audio, or the synchronization will probably be all messed up.

      my video does include audio..

      when i chose embed to time line and exported as a .swf, the audio ran fine...it didnt sound choppy at all. although what happened was the video part ran extremly slow and was totally out of synch because of this.

      i tried going back in flash in the properties at the bottom and changing event to stream and exported that, although the same thing. the audio was fine at the right pace, and the video part of the .swf was super slow.

      damn! i dont know what to do.. :/

      possibly there is something i could change in the export settings or another technique?